Manny Pacquiao Vs. Juan Manuel Marquez III Live Results-Pacman Wins a Majority Decision

by on July 25th, 2011
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Manny Pacquia0 and Juan Manuel Marquez fight tonight for the third time live from the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. It takes awhile for the two fighters to step into the ring. You see Mexican and Filipino flags everywhere. The fans cheer for the champion and the challenger, there are even a few boos. The Mexican fans go crazy when Marquez is announced. Both fighters have wild and crazy fans and they are all ready for this fight. The ref gives instructions, the fighters touch gloves, we are ready to go.

Round 1-Marquez lands a left and right uppercut to the body. Manny Pacquiao misses a left. Pacquiao lands a left and Marquez misses a right, Pacquiao misses with some wild punches. The round likely goes to Marquez because he did a little more than Manny. Too many wild misses for Pacquiao in round one. 10-9 Marquez

Round 2- Pacquiao is aggressive in round two. He lands a right hook, Marquez lands a jab.Marquez scores a combination, Pacquiao lands a good shot to the body. Marquez lands a good body shot and a punch. Pacquiao lands a good body shot and Marquez lands an uppercut, Marquez lands a hook to the body and right to the head. Marquez is fighting pretty good in the first two rounds. He may win round two 10-9

Round 3- Pacquiao lands a body shot-Marquez lands an uppercut and misses another while backing up-Pacquiao jabs and lands a body shot, Marquez lands a combination to the body and head, Pacquiao fights back. Pacquiao lands a good combination at the end of round three and may have won this round 10-9. Marquez looks better than expected so far in this fight

Round 4-Pacquiao is the aggressor in round four, Pacquiao lands a left to the body, Marquez misses some shots and Manny hits him with a left hand-Pacquiao lands a good left and a hook, Marquez lands a body shot. Manny Pacquiao lands a huge punch to end the round and should win this round easier

Round 5- Marquez lands the better punches in round five. He hits Pacquiao with a good uppercut and a good right. Manny lands a few punches, but they have no effect or are blocked by Marquez. The crowd is cheering for Marquez and he gains confidence and likely win round five, did he win this close round or is the crowd making it seem so?

Round 6-Pacquiao lands two good punches to the head and Marquez lands a jab-Marquez lands two body punches while Manny Pacquiao lands Marquez lands to rights to the head and then a hook, Pacquiao lands two jabs and a punch to the body. This is another close round that could go either way

Round 7-Marquez lands a good right hook and the Mexican part of the crowd is singing. Pacquiao lands a good left to the head of Marquez and Marquez fights back with two punches of his own. Pacquiao lands a combination and Marquez lands an uppercut. Another close round Makes one wonder if Marquez in Kryptonite to Manny Pacquiao

Round 8-Marquez lands body shots and another punch-Pacquiao lands a left hand. Marquez lands a jab and Pacquiao lands a good left. Pacquiao looks better in this round and has to keep putting punches together to win this fight. This round should go Pacquiao’s way

Round 9-The fight is heating up in round nine. Pacquiao is slightly ahead on my card, but i’m no judge. Marquez hits Pacquiao in the back of the head and Manny complains.Pacquiao is the aggressor, but both men are showing a good fight and landing good punches. Pacquiao is finally landing the more powerful punches. Pacquiao is the aggressor and wins round nine on my card

Round 10-this is a more competitive fight than most people thought it would be. Marquez is giving Pacquiao everything he has and Pacquiao is giving it back. Marquez misses a couple of punches and Pacquiao stalks him, Marquez lands a right and Pacquiao throws an uppercut. There is a good exchange at the end of the round and Pacquiao should have won this round-Pacquiao has a cut by his eye and the fight could be tied up after ten rounds with two to go

Round 11- Marquez misses punches in this round more than in the other rounds. Manny Pacquiao lands a great straight left, both men land a few punches, but that punch was the best punch for Manny in this fight. Pacquiao lands another good left hand-Marquez lands a good left hook-Pacquiao lands a jab and a left, Marquez lands a right, Pacquiao lands a combination and wins another round, one round to go in a very close fight.

Round 12-The final round in an excellent fight-Marquez in ineffective in round twelve and Pacquiao lands some decent punches. Some believe Marquez did enough in the early rounds to win this fight, but I think it was much closer. It seem like many want to see Manny Pacquiao lose this fight. Marquez fought well, but he fades in the last three or four rounds. Pacquiao should also win round twelve, I have no idea who won

Manny Pacquiao wins the majority decision 114-114; 115-113; 116-112. Marquez fought the fight of his life at 38 years old, but he faded at the end. Pacquiao continued to fight for twelve rounds and won the fight. I believed he won the fight, but people will be arguing about this decision for months. I was shocked at Marquez, but Manny Pacquiao pulled this fight out.

technical error of the fight-Marquez’s corner continues telling him he was winning the fight while Pacquiao’s corner told him he needed to knock down Marquez. Marquez coasted while Manny fighted to the end of the fight. This is why Manny Pacquiao came away with the victory. Some of us believed the fight was close and Manny had a slight advantage and we were right in the end. Good fight Marquez, but maybe you should pay more attention to the entire fight regardless of what your corner has to say.


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