Long Live

by on January 15th, 2011
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Lightning struck, and a scream came. Deep within the forest of Dsmin, a child’s first cry was heard. A boy was born to a young couple with the most horrible of situations. But not just any child, a child of magic. Born from magical parents, he was from a long line of magical beings that had at one time prospered but were now running for their lives.

You see the young duke and duchess had been betrothed to different people, but love found them so they chose to run. When the duchesses’ father found out, he called for the most cunning assassins in the land, requesting they kill them both. They knowing the consequences of their choice ran, they fled to lands far away and took refuge in homes of caring people. They had decided to head north toward Espiral, a land once known for its great riches but now had become a lowly town with barely anything to recommend itself.

At the moment they were in a dark cold forest, with an infant child and were in need of shelter for the night, but where to go? The duke, spoke some word into the air, and a light beam appeared. After some maneuvering, he was able to situate his wife and child in his arms, and began to follow the beam. The trek through the forest was rough, but after a while, they began to see a shape in the distance. A large castle was before them. The grand castle had been abandoned during the great purge many years ago, bur life would return to it that day. The small family entered the castle, knowing not what they would find.

The duke entered the castle, and went toward the closest living area. He sat his wife and child on the couch and went to start a fire.

“My darling,” the wife called softly, “what shall we call him?” She asked looking at her young son then up at her husband.

Before he could open his mouth to answer, a voice was heard from the doorway. “Zachery, the heir shall be called Zachery.” A lady stood in the doorway, not much older than the duchess. She was quite beautiful with long flowing black hair, and wearing a gown of blue silk.

“Who are you?” The duke asked, moving to stand before his family.

“Hello Humphrey, you have grown into quite a man I see.” She said with a smile.

“How do you know who I am?” Humphrey asked with trepidation.

“I am Erlina, and I guard this castle until the heir returns.” She said looking at Humphrey then Zachery. “I must say Evelyn; your son is quite handsome.” She said looking at the duchess. “Now come, I shall show you to your quarters, you should rest Evelyn. You have done what many cannot, brought a child into the world with almost no help, moreover, in poor conditions. You are a strong one, and your son will be too”

With that, she opened another door, and signaled them to follow.

However, Humphrey was still hesitant of the stranger. “How do you know us? What makes you believe we will trust you? You said yourself that you guard this castle, yet you are treating us like accepted guests.”

“You were always the suspicious kind Humphrey, perhaps a little memory will suffice,” she said and took his hand in hers. Suddenly images that had long been suppressed were brought to the forefront of his mind. Images of running inside the very castle, images of people long forgotten, images of Erlina looking the same as today. He knew everything once again. Returned to him were all the memories taken from him so long ago. He could see the castle for what it used to be and vowed to return it to its original splendor.

He opened his eyes and looked at his wife and child. He knelt in front of them, took them in his arms, and whispered in Evelyn’s ear, “welcome home love.”

It was such a shock, being reminded of all that had been taken, to remember ones family, and the tragedies ones faced. Life was about to get quite complicated for the young family.

“What do you mean home?” the duchess asked quite shocked with all that had happened that evening.

“Come my dear let us get our dear son situated and I shell tell you all that I know.” he felt that his wife was fatigued and quite confused, he could understand the circumstances and wished his wife in a warm bed resting before he told her everything. So with that in mind, he picked his wife and child back up and situated them in his arms. Fairy, please take us to my parents chambers, and bring the old cradle into the room if you will.” he added to the fairy, and began to follow her up the stairs and to the room he knew so well.

The light from the window woke the duke that morning. He could not help but snuggle back against his wife, when it came to him that they had were in a warm bed, and that there were walls and windows around them. After spending the better part of a year hiding in the woods, to be in a warm soft bed was a happy surprise.

The sound of an infant’s cry roused him from his half sleep. His son was calling to them. The duke left the bed as softly as possible as to not rouse his sleeping wife. He went up to the cradle at the foot of the bed to see his young son, eyes wide and looking around. He picked his son up and cradled him to his chest, basking in the glory of this little miracle. The child was hungry, but he did not wish to wake the duchess, but his son had other plans, the sound he made the next moment could have awakened the dead.

His wife jumped in the bed not expecting to be roused in such a manner. Upon seeing the source of the noise, a smile developed on her lips, and she stretched her arms out welcoming her son.

With the child situated in her arms, she nursed him until he was full. The child seemed content after the nourishment, and slowly went to sleep.

“I suppose you do not wish to keep me in the dark for too much longer.” the duchess stated after positioning the child on her chest in a more comfortable manner.

” yes i shell tell you all that i was reminded of last night, but first love i must ask you not to be scared. This place is our home and we cannot be harmed here.”

The wife nodded her assent and he began the story.

“I believe we have all learned what happened during the great purge, but what was mostly stressed was that the royal family had been the first to be destroyed. what no one knows and i had been made to forget until last night was that the family had not been destroyed but in fact had been hidden so that they may one day return to power and bring back all that was pure in the world of magic. The family had been separated to keep the bloodline alive. The king and queen had separated themselves from their children. The younger ones being sent to distant relatives in a far off land, the elder two, the hair and the second a girl, were sent to the orphanage under an alias. Given very little information on them only birthdate and magical status. Very little to go on for hit men trying to find them. Names had changed; memories erased, and look slightly altered. There the two were adopted into different families and lived their lives not knowing who they really were. Last night my memories of the events of that time were restored. I am the heir Evelyn! I am the one true ruler of our land. And our son, our little boy is our light of hope, the hope for our people. We no longer have to run Evelyn, we are home!” he said sitting back down beside his wife.

Evelyn was speechless to say the least. Her husband was the only heir to the throne. What did that mean for their little family? She did not want any harm to come to her husband and especially not her son. She was scared, but at the same time felt at peace for some unknown reason. Looking down she saw her young son asleep in her arms, carefree, and knew she would move heaven and earth to keep him safe.

“My darling, are you certain with this new knowledge we will be safe? I think not of me but of little Zack here. You speak of the purge. I remember the fear and devastation that plagued our land for so many years. I cannot help but feel there must be more to this. What of the rest of your family, are they still alive? Or were they found years ago. I can’t help but be scared.” She said with tears in her eyes threatening to fall.

“Don’t be afraid darling. I will make sure no harm comes to you or your son. As for the rest, I will try to get in contact with the rest of my family and find out as much as I can. But I promise you this, I will take care of you and our son, I will make everything right for our people and most importantly build a better life for us!”

He was beginning to sound like a true ruler, caring yet strong. She had always seen these characteristics in him but now they were intensified to upmost proportions.

Carefully lifting her infant son as not to wake him, she stood and went to her husband who was looking out the window. Hugging him from behind, she saw before her a beautiful garden, and further the beginnings of what was taken from her husband so brutally. A province with many houses and many villages that once prospered but were currently in turmoil, knowing she was seeing she waved her arm and before them a beautiful rainbow appeared brightening the once dreary landscape seemed to come alive. Flowers bloomed, crops grew trees seemed to come to life and the sun shone brighter than it had in many years. Her husband looked at her a watery smile on his face and looked out at all that was his. His life just became more complicated but for the first time in a very long time, he was happy with what life had trusted upon him. With his wife and child, he knew he would create a land that would make his family proud.

The end!

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