Is God a Denver Broncos Fan?

by on October 12th, 2010
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Is God a Denver Broncos Fan? You have to wonder after witnessing the miraculous events carried out by Tim Tebow and team every Sunday for the last month.

But to say God is a Bronco’s fan would also suggest that God cares about who wins or loses a football game. After all, doesn’t God have more important things to do? Shouldn’t God be more concerned about people suffering from aids and starvation in Africa? Shouldn’t God be spending his time healing the sick or revealing a cure for cancer instead of impacting the outcome of a sports event?

These are questions people have wrestled with for years as athletes point to the sky after making great plays and profess their faith in post game interviews. Many who are agnostic, anti-religious or even anti-football roll their eyes at such displays of faith and the preposterous notion that God cares about a silly football game.

Yet consider for a moment that God does care about football.

Then consider that God cares about football, not because he cares about who wins or loses, but because football and other sports provide a platform to reach the masses. A platform that enables God to tell stories and teach life lessons that make us better people. After all, why wouldn’t God use one of the biggest stages on earth to teach us the ultimate life lessons about character, commitment, excellence, and overcoming failure and defeat?

With sports we see people, like characters in the Bible, who are flawed and yet who make us cheer. We see players make mistakes and fall from grace while others come back against all odds and redeem themselves. Through their stories we see our own and God uses this insight to teach and shape us into the people we’re supposed to be.

And if God utilizes the sports stage to share stories and lessons then perhaps it’s not so absurd that he would use a charismatic, humble, faithful and bold young man like Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos to teach the cynics in the world about hope, faith, optimism, belief, determination, teamwork, passion, resilience and hard work. Perhaps Tim Tebow is simply another character in one of God’s many inspirational stories meant to teach us to stay humble and hungry, turn to God and never give up. Perhaps Tim Tebow is just another of God’s many examples that God doesn’t pick the best. God picks the most willing.

For those who say that if God is focusing on football then he doesn’t have time to solve world hunger or heal the sick, consider the possibility that Tim Tebow might inspire a young girl in Denver to never give up and find a cure for Aids. Or that a young boy in Florida watching a Broncos game might learn to dream the impossible, overcome the naysayers and stay positive on his way to finding a cure for cancer.

With God it’s not football or heal the sick. It’s not a choice between bringing peace to the Middle East or scoring a touchdown at a Broncos football game. God, whose intelligence and ways go beyond our human comprehension, can use all of his creation, including football to simultaneously teach, develop, connect, save and change lives.

The God that created the universe, football, Tim Tebow, you and me is the same God that performs miracles every day in homes, hospitals, schools, clinics and…even football stadiums.

But the question still remains.

Is God a Broncos Fan?

I don’t know. But I do know that God is a Tim Tebow fan and a fan of you and me. God is a fan of every one of us and wants great things for us.

I know that at this moment, during this time, God is using the Broncos, Tim Tebow, ESPN and one of the biggest stages on the planet to teach millions of people, including John Elway, Boomer Esiason and Merrill Hodge, lessons that we are meant to learn and share.

Will the Broncos keep winning?

Only God knows but you have to figure that at some point Bronco victories will give way to defeats and Tim Tebow will experience challenges that like his successes will also provide an opportunity for millions to learn more lessons from him.

And when Tim Tebow’s football career is long over God will use another character, another coach, another athlete, and another team to share another story and another lesson!

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