Indiana Special Needs Guide

by on September 19th, 2010
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Special needs children are not all the same and finding a place where they will receive the caring and supportive attitfude that they need to aid them in learning on their own is very important. The following places in Indiana are some of the best places for parents of these children to begin their search for the support that they need.

The Autism Society of Indiana strives to improve the life of all autistic children. Whether parents are searching for information or a referral to other resources this is the first place to begin that search at. The Autism Society offers family programs, Spanish speaking programs, summer camps, and many educational resources for children who suffer with this disorder. Located at 13295 Illinois Street, Suite 110, Carmel, the Autism Society is always anxious to answer questions. Feel free to stop by or to call 800-609-8449 for any help.

Another wonderful business is Indiana that offers aid to parents of children with autism is Little Star Center. This is a structured,sensory-friendly place where children with autism can receive specialized one on one therapy. Little Star offers families a “family first” policy and a highly regarded community of supportive parents and professionals. Providing services since 2002, the Little Star Center is based on applied behavior analysis priniciples and is a highly respected center for autistic children. Mary Rosswurm is the director and can be reached at 317-249-2242 or at 12726 Hamilton Crossing Blvd. Carmel, Indiana.

if looking for therapy for a toddler, Toddler’s Choice should be your first choice. Toddler’s Choice has been in business for 14 years and is a well respected and valued part of the special needs community in Indiana. Offering pediatric therapy that strives to improve the developmental needs of a child, the teachers here are proud of the work that they do with conventional and new therapies. Each child will be treated individually and parents will be kept informed of how the child is progressing. Toddler’s Choice is located at 8117 Center Run Drive, Indianapolis and can be contacted at 317-570-9205.

One of the most common forms of therapy for kids is a theraputic riding school. Indiana has several of these across the state, but the Agape Therapeutic Riding Resources,Inc. is one of the best. This school offers a safe environment where special needs children can learn to ride in a heated arena or along wooded trails. The child will learn to accept the natural bond that they will form with the horse. They can also create horse related crafts while at the school. Located at 24950 Mt. Pleasant Road, Cicero, Indiana Agape offers some of the best therapy across the state. For more information, contact them at 317-773-RIDE.

If you are the parent of a special needs child, you will know that typical childhood trips like those to a dentist can be a real adventure with a special needs child. This is the exact reason for the Special Smiles Pediatric Dentist office is open. These dentists specialize in caring for those children who have special needs. Whether they need routine dental care, a filling, or even a more complex dental issue fixed, the staff here is taught to listen and maintain a long lasting friendship with their patients. New patients are always welcome here and Dr. Satterfield-Seigel is always willing to help a family learn more about the dental care that a special needs child will be needing. Stop by the office at 10801 n. Michigan Road Suite 210 in Carmel, Indiana or call 317-873-3448 and speak to a member of the office staff that is willing to answer any question that you might have or schedule that appointment today.

Whatever your needs are as the parent of a special needs child, agencies across Indiana are there to help you in getting the help or therapy that you might be in need of. Parents will be relieved to know that there are many places within the state that offer excellent programs and many choices of programs for their child or children. Each staff member in each of these places believe that each child has the ability to increasingly become more comfortable with who they are and what they are capable of.

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