Ideas for Decorating with Tramp Art

by on November 21st, 2014
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Tramp art accentuates hand-designed creations with chips of wood that have been artfully crafted and placed. It is the heart and soul of the Arts and Crafts era, and is American folk work in its most striking and intricate form. Thin pieces of wood were often removed from turn-of-the-century cigar boxes and transformed in stunning new ways with simple carving tools. These chips of wood were used to create picture frames, furniture designs, unique wall art and much, much more. Use these ideas for decorating with vintage tramp art, and beautifully decorate absolutely any room or space in a single day.

Place Vintage Photos in a Tramp Work Frame

When looking for decorating ideas that implement tramp art, begin with vintage photos. Instead of placing them in new frames with antique style, surround them with tramp art frames that have been painstakingly created from chips of cigar box wood. It is appropriate to frame vintage photos with vintage frames, and this is a marvelous way to do it. Consider decorating an empty wall with a grouping of old-time photos, or set up a display on a shelf with turn-of-the-century style.

Stack Tramp Art Boxes in Graduating Sizes

Tramp art hinged boxes are some of the most eye-catching of all, and they are as useful as they are decorative. When seeking ways of decorating with intricately crafted tramp art boxes, consider stacking three in graduating sizes. Use them to hold souvenirs, old photos, lingerie or any other small lightweight belongings of value. They can be successfully used when decorating a bedroom or a living room with classic vintage style that goes far beyond tramp art replicas.

Create a Focal Point with a Tramp Art Framed Mirror

The decorating options are literally endless when using mirrors, and mirrored glass with tramp art frames are absolutely gorgeous. When looking for new ways of decorating with tramp art, search for a large mirror with a beautifully designed frame. Create a focal point on a bare living room wall or at the end of a hallway. It will make the space lighter and brighter while adding to the decorating design of the room. Decorating around it is not necessary since it will naturally draw the eye in and interest the mind, and without the need for anything more.

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