How to Combine a Dining Room and a Library

by on March 10th, 2015
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Formal dining rooms are not as popular as they once were. These days more and more families are sitting in front of the television or eating on the run. A room set aside solely for eating often goes unused. However, it does not have to be wasted space. It is possible to successfully combine a dining room and a library. The space can become a place to entertain when it is not being used as a place for reading and relaxing. Find out how I helped a client combine her dining room with a library to create a useful new area in her home.

Paint the Room a Clean Light Hue

When striving to combine a dining room and a library, begin with the walls and ceiling. Choose a clean light hue instead of something dark and dreary. A lighter color will create the perfect atmosphere for reading or dining. The lighter the hue, the more expansive the room will look and feel. However, the space can be designed to appear rich and exquisite with the addition of raised panel wainscoting.

Consider Raised Panel Wainscoting

My client wanted dark raised panel wainscoting similar to something she noticed in a large exquisite home that was sold for commercial use in Noble County Indiana. I found similar raised hardwood panels that she loved. I had them installed along with coordinating trim on the lower portions of the walls. It looked outstanding against the Concord ivory walls, and the atmosphere was ideal for a dining room and library.

Combine a Stylish Bookshelf with Other Furnishings

My client had a beautiful dark wood dining table and chair set. Since we planned to combine the dining room with a library we chose a large bookshelf with beautiful glass doors. The wood closely matched the dining table and chair set, and it looked like part of the set. We placed it in the center of a short wall and created a library seating area around it.

To combine the dining room with the library seating area we added two comfy reclining chairs, two upholstered stools with interior storage, a side table and a stylish lamp. The stools were used to hold warm throws. The end of the room made a fantastic library area, and the space would be used far more often.

Source: Personal and Professional Home Design and Decorating Experience

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