How to Bring Your Bar of Soap Back to Life

by on January 12th, 2011
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Do you toss the end of every bar of soap in the trash when they are too small to use? Do you get frustrated because they are nearly impossible to hold and get any suds to clean with? Do you just throw them away and open up a new bar of soap? Me too! Well, I used to until I found a way to use those annoying bits and pieces of soap bars. Here are a couple ideas to use those bars of soap until there is nothing left.

Make an All-Purpose Cleaner from soap scraps

Reusing a spray bottle that is empty, fill it about 3/4 with hot water. Then put the soap scraps from a few bars of soap in the bottle. Shake well, and now you have created a whole bottle of all-purpose cleaner for pretty much free. You can even make it naturally disinfecting for really cheap by adding 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol.

Make a Bar of Soap from soap Scraps

Simply put together 5-7 ends of soap bars and drop them in a cup filled with water for about half hour. Then when they are nice and soft, remove them from the water and squeeze them all together creating a mound of soap and shape it like a bar of soap. Let it dry and now you have eliminated the need to open a new bar of soap. It may not be the prettiest looking bar of soap, but you will never throw away soap again.

Don’t buy expensive shampoo

Instead, try using those small pieces of soap that you would normally throw in the garbage. Just lather them up real good using your hair and wash your hair like you would with regular shampoo. This can be used on dogs as well as long as the soap isn’t chemical based.

Make your own liquid hand soap

Using the same recipe as the above mentioned all-purpose cleaner, put small used pieces of soap in an empty hand soap bottle. Then fill it 3/4 full with hot water and let it sit for five minutes. Shake well and remove the pieces of soap if you would like to make it aesthetically pleasing. You may even add some isopropyl alcohol to make it naturally disinfecting for super cheap.

Creativity Saves Money

Creatively re-using soap can be fun and save you money. I recommend giving one of these ideas a try or better yet, come up with one of your own. Get the kids involved too; they would probably love the opportunity to make a soapy mess and not get in trouble for it. Just make sure they are old enough to know that the soap is for cleaning and not eating. You can make it into a fun experiment and see how many bars of soap you can make from what you would have thrown away.

What creative ideas do you have for reusing soap?

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