Great Ideas for Decorating with Doggy Silhouettes

by on November 20th, 2010
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What’s easy to do and gives you great artwork in the shape of your favorite canine? It’s a doggy silhouette. Your choices range simple paper cut-outs to large painted canvases. You can create your own artwork in jiffy. Let me show you how.

• Cut Paper

Making a dog silhouette is as easy as taking a picture of your dog, cutting the outline of their form from the picture with a sharp set of scissors and tracing in onto a piece of black construction paper. Then take it just a step further and mount the black silhouette on a decorative piece of craft or wrapping paper. Pop it into a frame and presto – you’ve got an adorable dog silhouette to match any decor.

Want to make your silhouette even more adorable? Add a little fabric scarf to your dog’s shape and paint a border around the pooch to match it.

• Simple Paint

If you want to try your hand at a painted piece, it’s still an easy project. Buy an inexpensive canvas or recycle an old canvas painting you no longer want. Prepare the surface with a coat of paint in a single, solid color. Let the paint dry overnight; then trace the shape of your favorite dog silhouette onto the canvas. Pick another color to paint your dog inside the traced lines and you’ll have a piece of wall art to match your decor – with no special artistic talent required.

• Larger Artwork

If you need a large piece of artwork for your space, head on over to your local office supply or print shop. Ask them to enlarge your silhouette shape to trace onto a big canvas or to mount under a large glass frame. Or, if you need a really wide piece of artwork, just trace a series of silhouettes side-by-side onto your canvas and paint them each in a different or in graduating color tones. Have fun with the colors and sizes and let a larger doggy silhouette command attention in your space.

• Faux Wallpaper

You can create your own dog-lover’s wallpaper, too. Just make multiple copies of your silhouettes and glue them to an accent wall in a random pattern. It’s a lot less expensive than wallpaper and so easy to do.

• Throw Pillows

Once you get going with your doggy silhouettes, don’t stop at the walls. You can also create adorable throw pillows with doggy cut-outs in every shape, size and pattern. And don’t forget to add a little collar or scarf to your playful designs.

Check out the pictures and inspiration for this article in the Dog Silhouettes design board on Pinterest. You’re sure to find an idea you’ll want to use to bring your dog’s form to the decor in your home.

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