Gift Ideas that Give Back

by on December 16th, 2012
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One of the best parts of the Christmas holiday is seeing the look on others’ faces when they open the special gift that you chose for them. It would be an even more rewarding feeling to know that the gift that you chose was a gift that supported a charity that would continue giving long into the New Year. This list is just a few of the wonderful presents that can be purchased through charities for the holiday season.

For the children on your list, look to the International Fund for Animal Welfare. For a donation of $65 or more, you can give the child an Ellie the Elephant string doll. These dolls are hand-made in Thailand with a single piece of string and so adorable that any child would love to have one. This blue elephant and the Love the Animals poster that is received with it will be enjoyed for many years as a beloved friend.

For a gift to an anoymous child or family, consider giving a donation to World Vision. I recently received a magazine from this organization and was amazed at what they are doing. For a $25 donation, a family somewhere in the world can receive two chickens, which they can use to both produce some income by selling the eggs and can become a food source for them as well. This organization is helping people learn to be more self sufficient by helping them to get an animal which can provide food and should provide more food than they will need so that they can sell the excess to provide an income for the family. One donation could literally change a familys’ life.

For the special lady in your life, jewelry is always a nice gift and the Nine West Drama necklace is a great choice. With blue and green stones and a magnetic back closure, this necklace is sure to be an eye catcher when she wears it out. The benefits from this necklace will go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This hospital helps children all over the world with serious illnesses and continues to research cures for these illnesses daily.

Another fantastic gift for the special lady or for anyone who loves to cook is the Good Housekeeping’s A Very Merry Christmas Cookbook. This is another gift that will aid children with all proceeds going to kids’ health and education initiatives nationwide. This cookbook has a large variety of recipes for appetizers, snacks, main course meals, and desserts as well as having tips on setting the perfect holiday table and tips for menu planning. The best part about this is that it is available at Kohl’s for $5.00. An inexpensive gift that will give over and over again and one that the receiver will be thrilled with.

All of these gifts will be a reminder that you bought a greatly appreciated gift while giving a greatly appreciated gift as well. These gifts will give to many others as the new year approaches and many people will be thankful that you chose to give a gift that supported an organization that cares about others.

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