Funny Valentine Moment

by on November 19th, 2010
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I decided that i would do my own thing and would create the best day I have ever had despite the fact that i was single. My plans were to have the best picnic and cook up fried chicken and biscuits and for dessert as well as make a delicious red velvet cake.

I was in the kitchen cooking and humming and preparing the picnic feast. While my mind was set on how happy the kids would be once I showed them all the good home made food.

I had a couple of picnic baskets I could choose to take with me. I put both on the counter and decided on the one i wanted, the other basket always held my nicest china plates and cups but with the food it was always so heavy. I went with the lighter one with the paper plates and cups was easier and I didn’t want anything to be bothersome on this special event.

It was a beautiful day perfect for a picnic by the river and view of boats. The ducks were always around hoping for some bread crumbs while the kids and I ate. We also enjoyed tossing the Frisbee around was great exercise.

I happened to see my friend, from a long time ago that I was so fond back in the day a few years back, at that time he would always find a way to get my attention but back then I was in a relationship so nothing became of us.

He walked up and gave a nice greeting and we talked and smiled and had a great time watching the kids eat and then play Frisbee. I invited him over for food and cake and we sat on the picnic table talking and all of a sudden this big splash of white gush splatter right between his eyes and slid down the tip his nose. This was indeed an awkward moment and unfortunately funny, I tried to be sympathetic and ran for the napkins but my laughter made things worse and needless to say he tried to laugh but was more grossed out and had to leave before barfing all over the place.

What could have been just wasn’t meant to be I suppose. Yes, stranger things have happened.

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