Free Sewing Patterns and Tutorials for Baby Bibs

by on August 24th, 2010
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Babies are precious and the things they need can can at a hefty price. With baby bibs costing as much as much as $25 or more each, it makes sense to learn how to make them yourself. Recycle old clothes or buy inexpensive fabrics when making your own baby bibs to save even more money. In this guide you will learn how to make five styles of baby bibs. Following the instructions in these free sewing patterns for baby bibs will teach you how to make beautiful, safe, and functional baby bibs for your baby or to give as a gift to a new mom.

Free sewing pattern for Basic Velcro Bib – This bib though simple, has a designer look when made with the right fabric. It uses a Velcro closure so that it can be removed quickly and easily if needed. My favorite thing about this free baby bib sewing pattern is the fact that the pattern calls for very little bias tape, which can be a little time consuming to add.

Free sewing pattern for Simple Snap Bib -This easy to make bib has a snap closure for easy removal. This free pattern calls for no bias tape, which to me is a plus. The instructions included in this free sewing pattern for a simple snap bib are easy to read and explained well.

Free sewing pattern for Liberty Bibs -Designer style baby bibs with a snap closure. This is a great free sewing pattern for baby bibs because the pattern is so easy that you could make an entire set of these in one afternoon. I love the fabrics that the author of the article uses in the tutorial, so cute.

Quilted Patchwork Bib Free Sewing Pattern and Tutorial – In this free tutorial you will learn how to make a quilted patchwork bib. This bib is so cute that you may not even like the idea of the little one wearing it! Your baby will look great in this bib, or if you are giving it as a gift it will be very well accepted.

Ruffle Bib Free Sewing pattern – I absolutely love this free sewing pattern. If you have fabric left over from making some dresses or clothes for your little girl, making a ruffle bib out of it match would be so cute. An easy pattern but maybe a little more time consuming than the simple ones listed above.

Now that you have used these free sewing patterns and tutorials to learn how to make a baby bib, you can save yourself a few bucks and still accessorize your baby with style.

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