Dr. Conrad Murray – Scapegoat or was Justice Served?

by on September 18th, 2010
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Dr. Conrad Murray was sentenced to four years in prison for causing the death of King of Pop Michael Jackson back in 2009. For millions of Michael’s fans this was the only way to go, and they want Murray to burn in hell. Michael’s family also agree with the sentence with mother Katherine saying “justice was served.”

Many agree that justice was served while others feel that Murray was made the scapegoat for the death of Michael a death someone had to pay for. This is understandable. When someone as big and loved as Michael suddenly dies there are a lot of questions, anger, and the need to place blame. Dr. Murray will now take that blame. And he should.

As a licensed doctor how is he going to prescribe anesthesia as a sleeping aid? Even if Michael didn’t die this would be insane. Just the thought that any type of anesthesia was being used this way is frightening. Even if Michael found some way to apply it himself in the moments before his death Dr Murray is still responsible for helping Michael obtain the drug. No type of anesthesia should be used as a sleeping aid. Period. On that alone Dr. Murray deserves to lose his license.

Now there are many too who are screaming that Michael was an addict and that he alone is responsible for what happened to him. He caused his death for not treating his addictions and for not taking warnings from his nurse Cherylyn Lee who warned him of the dangers of using Propofol to battle his insomnia. She clearly had warned him; it was not for home use. Michael didn’t listen feeling he was safe as long a doctor stayed to monitor him.

Murray was supposed to do this so something went terribly wrong when Michael died. So yes Michael knew he should not have been taking the Propofol. I guess it’s fair to say he has to share some of the blame too for not looking for other ways to treat his insomnia (hey why not just simply lay down and rest your body if nothing more) and yes he is to blame for his own addictions.

However he had money and this is what it comes down too. Michael knew he could get anything he wanted legal or not as long as he was willing to pay top dollar to obtain it. And Murray took the money. It’s the same old story really for we have seen this over and over again. Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, and Freddie Prinze were all celebrities who paid whatever they needed to pay in order to obtain any drug they wanted. Freddie Prinze’s widow Kathy has long said that she pleaded with Freddie’s doctor about the amounts of Qualuude he was prescribing Freddie, and the effects they were having on him. It still didn’t stop the doctor from prescribing the drug, because Freddie was paying the money even though the drugs had clearly wrecked Freddie’s mind and were probably responsible for his suicide.

That’s the problem. Marilyn, Elvis, Freddie, and even Chris Benoit are clear examples of getting anything they want by doctors willing to take their money. In some ways this made them victims to their own success for as long as they paid high amounts of dollars they were enabled to get what they wanted even if it killed them. And for many that’s exactly what ends up happening.

So yes while Michael is responsible for the choices he made, it does not clear Dr. Murray. No I don’t believe he murdered Michael on purpose, but his actions in dealing with Michael were grossly negligent. He deserves to lose his license and he should serve some time. Michael already paid the ultimate price by dying and leaving his children and his family. I only hope this case will make doctors think before they continue to prescribe illegal drugs to anyone willing to pay top dollar for them.

As long as this continues nothing will change. If more doctors are held accountable for their greed, then maybe it’s possible. That’s a big maybe of course. But with the results of this case we can hope.

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