Decorating Interiors with Graphic Blues from Benjamin Moore

by on February 28th, 2011
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Dark blue, inky blue, the blueprint ink blue of 2011 creates a graphic element when combined with a sharp and cool white. Benjamin Moore offers a rainbow of graphic and deep blues. The genius of these blue hues is that they make decorating a cinch. Add some white and you’re done. Of course you can add one more color or complement the blue with a gray, purple or stone color. These blues liven up bedrooms, upgrade bathrooms and can be used in either a modern, worldly or sophisticated decor.

Bluish Purple: Fancy Pants (CSP 525)

You’ll find Benjamin Moore’s On the purple end of the blue ink spectrum. Keep the room palette cool with Subway Tile (CSP-585) gray and Paper Doll (CSP-485) white.

* Decorate walls with graphic black and white cityscape photos in silver or brushed nickel accessories frames.
* Use off-white home decor accessories like lamp bases and vases to match the Paper Doll white.

Deep Blue: Indi Go-Go (CSP-565)

This deep, romantic and mysterious blue should be used sparingly. It’s bold and would create a stunning background for any white furnishings including open bookshelves. Add Whisper (CSP-500) gray for a softening effect.

* Find sand dollar art, coasters or similar objects depicting the simple beauty of nature’s art.
* Stars or any celestial decor in silver or gold would work with the blue. Consider the palette for a bedroom or a sophisticated theme for a child’s bathroom.

Charmingly Blue: Bellbottom Blues (CSP-655)

The dining room takes on European charm when painted with Bellbottom Blues (CSP-655). The hue is dark yet inviting. It may remind you of blue and white china or embroidery.

* Keep the palette cool and less stuffy by adding the greenish blue Mystic Lake (CSP-745).
* Add heavily textured fabrics in light neutrals to the room in the way of quilted curtains and a large rug for under the dining room table.
* Continue the quilted theme to cozy up the dining room by using a table runner embellished by visible stitching.
* Ligthen the mood by mixing and not matching table linens in shades of white, green and cool gray.

Wall Decor for Inky Blues

Complete the decor in an inky blue room with simple graphics and ephemera. The local used bookstore or the library’s book sale are treasure troves of found images.

* Maps of any kind, found in old issues of magazines or government publications add a rich decor element to inky blues.

* Colorful, historic or subject-based maps can be framed and hung.

* A large group of similar maps can be used to create a wallpaper effect on a less-than attractive wall.

* Simple black and white map images suddenly become interesting when framed and grouped.

* Pages from old books can be layered, cut into interesting shapes, stamped and framed to create original art.

* Old pencil drawings from art books or blue prints from dated home improvement books can be tinted, framed and hung.

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