Calicoe VS Arsonal with Predictions

by on August 28th, 2010
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Its back again people, another URL event. For those who do not know what URL means it stands for Ultimate Rap League. This is by battle rap standards the NBA of battle rap. They sell out entire venues at historic places across the US. The founders of the URL are Smack, Norbes, Beasley, and Chico.

With the success of the last event Summer Madness, Smack hits us once again with a great card of events. Its not as good as the last one but still there are going to be some great match-ups. Its located in Detroit on Dec 3, 2011 the main event of the night will be Calicoe VS Arsonal. Calicoe is coming off a 3 round win against Math Hoffa, while Arsonal is coming off of a lost to Hitman Holla and a tie to E. Ness. Great move by Arsonal to take Ness because after the loss Hitman Holla that battle with Ness slightly revived him.

Calicoe brings to the table that young hungry and cocky attitude. He has been on a role since the memorable battle with K-Shine and the body-bag against Math Hoffa. Calicoe is hungry and since that cypher last year located here Calicoe has something to prove. Arsonal in this freestyle cypher which most took as a battle apparently had some diss bars for the Midwest already in the chamber just in case and he let those out that night. During the freestyle you can clearly see that when Arsonal dissed the Midwest the crowd didn’t care what Calicoe had to say next. Calicoe actually approached the camera “They did not get none on my shit” and started blocking the camera while Arsonal was still rapping. It’s clear to see that the diss struck a nerve. In my opinion Calicoe will have to do what he does best and attack and break down the character of Arsonal which in my opinion is where Calicoe is a lot better than most. Verses K-shine he broke down not only shine but the whole Dot Mob, T-Rex, Mook, and even the hype-man. I look forward to see what Calicoe is going to do. If Calicoe wins this there is nowhere to go but up. He will probably get Hollow Da Don, Charlie Clips, Tsu Surf, Tech 9, but probably Cortez.


On the other hand, Arsonal is no slouch ether. When Arsonal first made his appearance on the Lions Den he was as hungry if not more than Calicoe. Arsonal has more to prove than Calicoe because of his loss to Hitman. Versus Hitman Arsonal seemed more Grind Time as far as the style he chose to battle with and didn’t have as many hard hitting personals as Hitman did. Hitman also had a huge buzz coming off of the win against Cortez. Arsonal in my opinion is better than Calicoe. Arsonal has more wins, and has beat the likes of Conceited, Hollow Da Don, Okwerdz, Tech-9 etc. Arsonal is versatile and he can go on other leagues such as Grind Time and win whereas, Calicoe, when he went to Grind Time and battled Heartless wasn’t as lucky. To win Arsonal is going to have to get some dirt that will completely throw Calicoe off of his game. If he wins then Arsonal will be taken seriously again in the URL and with Arsonals’ Resume` he may go against a Charlie Clips or Aye Verb pending Verbs battle against O-Red. The only problem with that plan is that for Calicoe this is a home game, so Arsonal will not have favor with the crowd.


I wanted to say Arsonal 2-1 but I can’t. The Battle is in Detroit and right now Calicoe is the hottest coming from the D so because of that alone I will say 2-1 Calicoe takes that. Arsonal has won a lot of away matches but this is Detroit URL not Grind Time and the crowds are totally different.

Good Luck to both

The event will be December 3rd, 2011 at Saint Andrews Hall, 431 East Congress St, Detroit MI

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