Beauty Looks for Valentine’s Day

by on November 22nd, 2010
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Valentine’s Day can be a special day for everyone, whether you’re single or attached. Single ladies can use the night as an excuse to dress up, try out a bold new look, and enjoy a night on the town. If you’re headed out for a Valentine’s Day date, you might want to try out a new, sultry look for yourself. Either way, pick out one of these great beauty looks to try this February 14!

Soft & Romantic
Flirty females will love this soft and romantic makeup look, which pairs sheer, muted colors on the eyes and lips. This is the most natural of all the looks, adding just a hint of sheer shimmer or pale color to the face. This look is great for any Valentine’s Day occasion, but looks especially good in candlelight.

To be soft and romantic this year, pick out a pink lip gloss with neutral/brown undertones to just highlight your lips without overdoing it. Use your normal foundation and/or powder, then contour the cheeks with a pale sheer pink blush on the cheekbones. Curl your lashes with a black or dark brown mascara, gloss your lips, and your look is complete! You can add a neutral eye shadow (not too dark!!) if you want a little eye color, but that is optional.

Sexy & Bold
For something a little more daring to wear on that hot Valentine’s Day date or out dancing with your girls, play up your eyes to get this sexy look. For this, stick-on lashes are optional, but will add a great effect if you choose to wear them. Apply mascara to your natural lashes, then adhere the false lashes to your own lashes. They’ll add width and dimension to your eyes, really bringing them out. Add a sheer eye shadow with shimmer, sheer cheek color, and a deep red lipstick to complete the look. A liquid eyeliner will help you define the eyes as well, so choose that over a pencil.

Sultry & Smoldering
To really sizzle on Valentine’s Day, opt for the smoldering eye look with a neutral lip. Still clean and chic, this romantic look brings all the attention right to your eyes. The smoldering eye is created by using a dark shadow at the corners of your eye to soften your look. Use a pale pink shadow on your lid–nice and sheer!–and then smolder a charcoal shade at the corner ends of your eyes. Apply a liquid eye liner for definition, highlight with bold, black mascara, and use a heavy sheer gloss on the lips to pull the look together.


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