Asia: “Juche” Self-reliance, Suggesting Fears and Desperation

by on March 7th, 2015
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I first heard of the “Supernote” in the late 1980’s, it is a $100 U.S. bill so perfectly counterfeited, almost impossible to discover. An estimated $60 million have already been found in circulation, all produced from North Korea. Aided by diplomats with immunity from North Korea, this note is still being dispersed world wide. This is but one example of the “juche” (self-reliance) theory that Kim Jong-Il’s regime promotes as business. The reason behind these actions comes from the desperate need to keep pace with the developed world, but it is also alarming the many troubles this regime has. The near future will have to see South Korea, Japan, Russia, China and the U.S. deal with this situation directly. Yet each of them will only act from their own point of views that should cause the Asia continent great concerns today.

This is part of the problem already in existence; each nation has its own concerns over North Korea and the counterfeiting factories just north of the dividing line. These are the desperate bases of manufacturing for an impoverished and isolated nation. Droughts, famine and public rights suppressions over the years have caused this, with little to gain from except the corrupted business practices have been inspired. So desperate for food that at one time while being supplied by U.N. food deliveries, all such were repackaged. Thus the foreign marked containers were changed to North Korean marked containers before delivery, counterfeiting even this humanitarian gesture.

Removal of the current regime by outside forces is something neighboring nations are fearful of. First as in any war, there would be a large percentage of refugees seeking protection in nations close by. The resources of all these nations would be stressed and regional powers may not be able to handle such. Further instability would result, further lives put at risk. Secondly this means a massive and directive action by foreign powers with global interest along side. The regional nations are developing on their own, outside global interest would threaten to upset these developments. The potential lose of internal developments would not be welcomed, nor should it be. Currently politics then will not allow external-forces to stop or reverse the trend within North Korea anytime soon. But this means the situation does not get resolved, the trend towards corruption and incompetence then will continue, unless internal forces take actions.

The situation within North Korea could not exist unless the neighboring nations were to gain as well. Many products are produced in North Korean factories, but because of non-specific laws over labeling, other countries show markings when bought. This has been one of the best methods for those producing cheap goods, nock-offs and imitations. They operate production facilities in nations where environmental concerns and human rights are ignored, designing their products to meet look like the same quality of major brands. Counterfeiting then whatever sells well enough to get attention, but not putting the same quality into products. The customs agencies around the world have been attempting to counter this problem for years, the cost is every increasing. But just like the “Supernote” the production adjust to pass through such security as well. The businesses in nations around the area have to be in support of these operations or they would not be able to operate and sell any products. Thus the area nations are gaining from what they know is corruption, yet they do not see the need to control it, just keep it from gaining international attentions.

The solution for this must come from multiple directions at the same time, political, business, and societies must be willing to direct the necessary forces to stop this influx of corruption. The layered effects presented by so many nations in the area offering assistance to keep the corruption on going are daunting. It will take a review of each layer and remove of such to get at the core of the problem. But by that time the major players in this game will have protected themselves so well as not to be touched. This means they will move and operate in another place under a new name, to exploit the workforce there just as they have everywhere else. The only ones left behind to continue the operations will be those who the corruption has already decided are no longer of any use to them. Leaving them to their fate, while gaining protections by others who support them once more. But the real victims have always been the people of North Korea. The same who have never had a chance to improve their lives for the greed and ignorance supported as a governmental structure.

Contact: Michael Pulse Author of: The Truth of Things

Website: CEO of Stone Rose LLC.

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