Anniversary Flowers – 1-10 Years

by on March 7th, 2015
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Almost every holiday and birthday is associated with gems and flowers. Anniversaries are no different. Perhaps you need an idea for a gift, or just want an accompaniment for the traditional or modern anniversary gifts. These flowers can be used in bouquets as gifts or as decorations for anniversary celebrations.

1st Anniversary – Carnation or Pansy

Carnations come in multiple colors, so a gift can be customized according to anniversary color traditions, or you can customize your message with your color choice. The carnation symbolizes admiration, while the pansy symbolizes free thought and remembrance. Pansies are known to send the message of loving thoughts, which is the perfect message to send with a gift on the very special first anniversary.

2nd Anniversary – Cosmos or Lily of the Valley

Lilies will send the message happiness and purity to their recipient. The word Cosmos is derived from Kosmos, which means beauty. They also are a very peaceful and romantic flower. The color blends perfectly with a lily and the two together would be an original and unique gift bouquet to give on this early anniversary.

3rd Anniversary – Fuchsia or sunflower

A gift of sunflowers on a third anniversary will represent the strength, warmth and nourishment of your love. If you prefer a more fragrant option for your bouquet, fuchsias are also representative of this anniversary.

4th Anniversary – Geranium or Hydrangea

A bouquet of Hydrangeas will symbolize pride and appreciation, a perfect message for your loved one after four years. The silver geranium may be a specific flower to leave out of a bouquet gift, since it is a reminder of forgotten things.

5th Anniversary – Daisy

They whimsical daisy still carries the legend, from Victorian times, that when the petals are plucked, one’s romantic future can be determined. Daisies send the message of innocence and purity in your gift.

6th Anniversary – Calla Lily

The Calla Lily represents beauty and pride. Giving a gift of calla lilies symbolizes growth and transition, in life, and in marriage.

7th Anniversary – Freesia or Jack-in-the-Pulpit

While Jack-in-the-Pulpit’s aren’t usually a favorite for a gift of flowers, the freesia, which represents faithfulness, trust and fidelity is a perfect gift for the seventh year of a marriage.

8th Anniversary – Lilac or Clematis

The lilac and its heart-shaped leaves, symbolize the first emotions of love. The Clematis is associated with mental beauty, but due to its climbing behavior, it can also be associated with ingenuity, which may not be the message a gift giver would want to send.

9th Anniversary – Bird of Paradise or Poppy

The traditional floral gift of the birds of paradise, send your recipient the message of magnificence. This flower is known for celebrating the unexpected side of romance. Poppies are also perfect for the ninth anniversary because, through many cultures, they symbolize fertility and eternal life/love.

10th Anniversary- Daffodil

The 10th anniversary is a big one. A full decade of commitment requires celebration and gifts. Sending the gift of daffodils sends the message of joyful love and renewal.

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