5 Single Music Celebrities that Should Be on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

by on October 25th, 2014
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“Dancing With The Stars” is said to be a life-changing experience for the celebrity participants. Here’s some Pop-Rock stars that may need something fun and different to do on stage:

Shania Twain
Pop – Rock – Country star Shaina Twain’s ex-hubby, Mutt Lange, was apparently a two-timing jerk. What a disappointment for the gazillion couples that played her love songs for their first wedding dance. It just doesn’t feel right when the singer and the song don’t match in real life. To go forward into Happily-Ever-After land, a season on “DWTS” with a young professional dancing hunk in toe live on TV might be just the thing to get there.

Richie Sambora
Heather, Denise, Heather, Denise – maybe the “Bon Jovi” guitar man great should try brunettes. Ex-wife Heather Locklear seems to have issues too, so their divorce was apparently not all his fault. He can play, he can sing, he’s got rhythm, but can he learn to dance? It would be fun to find out!

Stevie Nicks
Oh Stevie, her ex-BFF (BoyFriend Forever) Lindsey Buckingham, have danced around, away, and back again to each other in their band “Fleetwood Mac” for decades. He’s now married with kids, she’s not. It just doesn’t seem fair! From watching them interact on various back-stage behind-the-scenes videos and concert films, they both seem excessively self – centered. Then again, that must be normal for celebrities. Stevie seemed to be more of a fight-picker than Linsdey, although he seemed to fan the flames. Maybe Stevie would benefit from the direct one-to-one dance training from a guy professional dancer whose buttons she doesn’t know well enough to push. She might find it fun for managing the weight control issues too.

John Mellencamp
Poor John and his ex-wife Elaine Irwin-Mellencamp are splitsville. He’s such a passionate, cause – oriented, songster that it’s just so sad to hear that his personal life isn’t working well. It’s just not right! Those who care and are effective activists for the greater good should have a private life that works right too. Whatever his relationship issues might be, the “DWTS” judges would surely flush them out.

Nancy Wilson
Nancy and her ex-hubby Rolling Stoner Cameron Crowe gave it up too. What in the heck is the matter with these frickin’ celebrities? Her band “Heart” was made for dreams, passion, romance, and ultimate true love. “DWTS” should get to the heart of this Hollywood love-and-marriage fail epidemic.

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