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Why would a girl be bleeding if she just got off her period a week before

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A:Many women experience abnormal vaginal bleeding or spotting between periods sometime in their lives. Vaginal bleeding is co(MORE?) [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-would-a-girl-be-bleeding-if-she-just-got-off-her-period-a-week-before ]
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Why would a girl be bleeding if she just got off her period a wee...?
Many women experience abnormal vaginal bleeding or spotting between periods sometime in their lives. Vaginal bleeding is co(MORE?)

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She would worry that she is pregnant?
Q: My girlfriend and I had unprotected sex the day her period ended. She took the Plan B pills within 48 hours. A week later we had sex and the condom broke. I pulled out but I fear that some precum may have gotten in her. She started bleeding a day later but it lasted only a couple days and was on a off. I found out that Plan B can cause a girl to bleed around a week after the pills are taken. She is now almost a week late and has taken four home pregnancy tests which have all been negative. She has sore breasts and every now and then gets cramps like she may start her period but they go away. She has had sore breats for a little over a week now. I have been told that if a girl bleeds due to plan B it can cause her to be a couple weeks or more late. Is this true? The four tests have been negative and I know she takes them correctly. Should we worry? If not, why would her breasts still be sore? Also, I doubt this has anything to do with it, but she was on birth control for about 2 years and just quit taking it before her period started because her health insurance ended. Could abrubtly stopping taking the pill cause wierd symptoms such as this?
A: I know going off the pill can cause your period to be unstable for a long while. If the tests are negative, I would not worry so much.
can someone read this and tell me what i can approve on? im 15 and im writing a book titled Suicide Streets.?
Q: Suicide StreetHi My Name Is…Sitting in the half broken desk listening to Ms. Jones babbling about mythology. I wasn’t listening nor watching her. The corner of my eye caught a glimpse of red. Only type of red you would see on a fresh strawberry was the color of her hair. Long and straight waving down to her lower back. I sat there and wondered why am I listening to this? Its all lies there were never any gods and goddesses. There is only one god right. Wrong. Cause if there was a god he would use his almighty powers to heal my wrist right. I think I cut too deep this time. But oh well cant take it back. Cant go to the hospital and fix it. It’ll just heal like the other cuts. The bell finally rings as I start to head out Ms. Jones quickly stops me. “Diana hold on a minute. Look at this Your grade is a B- you can do better than this you‘re a straight A student. Its most likely because of the short story I suggest you write another one by next Monday.”“Next Monday?? That only gives me a week what am I supposed to write about?”“Well your last one was about other people and it was very difficult to understand because you don’t really know how other people feel. So I think you should write about your self this time. Imagine it’s a diary. Write everything that happens and your thoughts and feelings.”She smiled as if it was a simple task. “Ok Ms. Jones.”3rd period we had a substitute everyone had fallen asleep. I decided to start my short story. I began writing quick. So much was inside me that I wanted to write. Just didn’t exactly know how. 1/5/10 , 12:23 pm. All around me are strange but familiar faces. Over there sitting by the window is this girl I don’t even know her name. she’s new though. She barely speaks. No one talks to her but people do talk about her. How she dresses how she talks and where she’s from. That used to be me. I used to be the outsider I still am just dress better. Hi my name is Diana Williams I live in St Paul, Minnesota. I go to Como Park High School. I’m a freshman. I live in a two bedroom apartment with my mother. I have one sister and too many brothers. I have no friends. You may call them that but I call them my associates. People I talk to rarely hang out with out of school. Why should I call girls who talk about me to there other friends my friends. I consider that a backstabber. Why do I even talk to them if they do that? Well then I would just be another girl sitting by the window.By 5th period my wrist starts hurting again. I grab my torn planner and give it to the teacher. I head to the bathroom with my backpack. Made sure no one was in the bathroom then locked it. I’ve done this before, grabbed my needle put it on the sink. Slowly took off my patches. My arm was ketchup red. You could clearly tell I had just cut my arm, touching the wound made drops of blood hit the floor. I’m surprised the floor didn’t melt, for my blood is nothing but acid slowly killing me inside. Why haven’t I died yet? I really don’t know, I guess u can call that a miracle or a slow upcoming death. I hear a pounding on the door girls yelling to get in the bathroom. “shut up!” , I say “I’m almost done damn.” Truthfully I never even started I was too busy looking at my blood run throughout the bathroom floor, it looked so gentle a pure red you would think it was harmless too bad it isn’t. I hurried stitching up the wound. Stitching it up didn’t hurt as much as the reason why I did it. I myself used to wonder why people were crazy enough to cut themselves why not just kill yourself why are u torturing yourself for? Well I don’t know about those other suicidal girls but me, I need the punishment, I deserve the punishment. For all my wrong doing and hurting towards the people I actually love. It hurts when my heart bleeds the sorrow. So I set the anguish to a part in my body, it feels good, a rush you cant get from getting high. Cut myself is a way to give me what I truly deserve. Death.Hi, my name is Diana Williams and I’m suicidal
A: that is brilliant...really close to why most people in high school are suicidal i love it if you ever finish it send me an email...oh i wrote a diary too before,my real life about self harm and suicide if your interested i'll send some of it to you:)

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