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Why do i have vaginal bleeding after giving birth if i had a c section

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A:The area where the placenta detached from the wall of the uterus will continue to bleed for a while after birth so you still bleed [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-i-have-vaginal-bleeding-after-giving-birth-if-i-had-a-c-section ]
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Why do i have vaginal bleeding after giving birth if i had a c se...?
The area where the placenta detached from the wall of the uterus will continue to bleed for a while after birth so you still bleed

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Why would my dr. or any dr. tentatively schedule a c-section a week before my due date? ?
Q: Ok, when i first saw my ob for this pregnancy, i told her i wanted to try to have natural labor and natural birth. (i was overdue with my daughter and was induced with pitocin ) . She said it was fine as long as the baby is smaller and there are no complications. (I had to have a c-section with my daughter as she was big and i was too small) Then last month, after my second ultrasound, i found out i have Placenta Previa. (i'm assuming its first stage as my dr. told me its not serious). And that if i start to bleed to go the ER. She never said anything else about the delivery. Then my last app't, she set a tentative app't for a c-section. She had asked me if it was ok that she did that, and i said yes but reminded her that i wanted to try for natural, and she said okay. So I thought what would it hurt. But she scheduled it a week before my due date.Knowing that i wanted to try to go into natural labor and have a vaginal birth, why wouldn't she sched. it either on my due date or after? Atleast give me time to go natural. Is this common with mothers who have Placenta Previa or is this my dr. just wanting one less patient as soon as possible? Pippin - when she first explained it, she told me that i have low placenta. So maybe she meant low-lying placenta. Like i said, she didn't go much into detail. And i do wish i could ask my doctor, like most of you suggested, but i am so dissappointed with her this time around. I had about 4 questions for her at my last app't and she was almost out the door when i was asking my second question. I was peeved. I will try to ask the next time i see her, but i doubt i will get anything out of her. ANd i figured it would have to do with my PP, but i have also heard that the placenta can move back to where it supossed to be, so i guess i'm just a little upset with the early c-section cause it seems that she doesn't want to give me more time.ckicker - i WILL do what is best for my child but my issue is delivering him a week early. I know he'll be full term and there is no danger to him, i just believe in waiting till the 40th week. And yes, i know medical reasons are an exception, which would be my case, but I also know that the placenta can move back where it should be. I just want to go the 40th week to give it time to move. I honestly don't think that 1 more week won't hurt if we wait. If i have to have a c-section, thats fine, i just always wanted to know how vaginal birth felt like, may sound stupid, but thats how i feel. Also, i was told that second, third, etc c-sections hurt 3x worse then the first time, so it is partly fear on my part. I am also worried as my daughter loves to be held and i know i won't be able to with a c-section. I don't want her to start resenting more or her brother. :(One more thing, and this is not very important, but if i do deliver him early, he and my daughter will......share the same month and i would like them to have their own birth month.
A: I don't know about the Placenta Previa. But from what I understand a scheduled c-section a week before your due date is pretty common if you have had a prior c-section.I will have a c-section about 10 days before my due date. I had a c-section with my daughter two years ago. I wanted to try VBAC but my doctor doesn't do them and she said all the doctors in our area are the same way. My doctors don't want to worry about the risks for rupture during a VBAC. She said that if you try VBAC if you start to rupture you have only 15 minutes to get the baby out. Most of the time that is enough time, but it can cut it very close for many people. She said the risks are just not worth trying.I am very disappointed about having another c-section, but their is nothing that I can do. I trust my doctor so whatever.I don't know if these are the same reasons that your doctor has but they are likely the same.
nervous about giving birth?
Q: i am 33 weeks pregnant .. i was in the hospital for three days last week due to vaginal bleeding .. they really freaked me out when i was there saying i might have to have an emergency c-section and blood transfusions and all kinds of stuff .. this was after the bleeding ceased as well so i was really worried .. i had two instances where blood would just gush out after those two times i stopped bleeding fresh blood and for the nest 3 or 4 days i was just finding brown old blood on my pad and very very little .. they did a few ultrasounds and concluded i had a blood clot near my cervix .. they said it had healed and thats why i wasnt bleeding anymore .. im worried what this blood clot will cause (if anything) when i go into labor .. the doctor said if it were the placenta id have to have a c-section .. but since it isnt the placenta am i going to be able to have a vaginal birth? has anything similar happened to any of you ladies?
A: I developed a blood clot in my uterus after I had an emergency c-section, so I did experience blood transfusions. However, I don't know if you'll have a vaginal delivery or a c-section. Good luck!
How do i get my Dr on side?
Q: Okies....heres my dilema.....1st: Natural Vaginal Delivery. 2nd: I arrived at 9 am with contractions that wouldn’t progress, I was given the oxytocin drip(not that it was explained to me that I was being induced!)after 2 or so hours her heartbeat dropped to 17!!,Babe apparently massively stressed they did a huge metal funnel thing, to screw nodes into her scalp to monitor her, they fell out, half an hour later they wanted to do it again and i refused and started to insist they prep me and ceasar me, a Dr came in and said they wanted to digitally remove they baby, i told her to nick off and that enough was enough and to bloody c-section this poor baby! 12 Drs came in and started telling us we, yes, WE were endangering the babys life to which I said I thought it was ridiculous that the baby wasnt c-sectioned after her heart rate dropped, that obviously the baby wasn’t coping and all these weird screws probably weren’t helping matters for her any way, finally i was rushed to theatre, and she started to come and i delivered her very quickly and she was rushed straight away to ICU, hubby went too, and I was put back in my room on my own. It was an awful experience. 3rd: I had Placenta Previa and they kept waiting and waiting to see if it moved and EVERY visit I asked about the booking for the c-section and it was put off over and over and We saw the Dr on the thurday of week 39 and HE asked US why we were taking a risk with a natural birth? And did we know that when i went into labour the placenta would slip into the cervix and cut off babys blood supply, risking brain damage and I could hemmorage, even to death, and that in that situation only 1 of us could be saved and that If I started to bleed to RUSH into hospital that it as fatal to us both! We said we had been asking and asking to have it booked in and noone would, so he booked it for the monday 39 weeks and 6 days! On the sunday I started to bleed ,so we RUSHED as instructed, a fair bit scared too i might add! We are greeted by hospital staff who treated like'over panicked parents' noone will get my file, Its more important to monitor these contractions at this stage and see where babe was at, im put on a monitor, FINALLY a DR comes, it takes 15-20 minutes to convince this lady we know what were talking about, she gets a mobile ultrasound to check and 'reasssure me!' You should have seen this womans face when she looked at the monitor! I was SUPER rushed to theatre for prep and had a c-section. So Im petrified of labour, I want a c-section and My Dr wants me to keep an 'open mind' Im crapping myself! How do I get him onside?
A: Sounds to me like you may want to find another doctor!!

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