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Why did my big toe only stop growing

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No information on why a big toe would stop growing, but the nail of the big toe may have a fungus. Common toenail fungus can stop growth and or make nails yellow and thick. There are OTC medications available. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-did-my-big-toe-only-stop-growing ]
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Why did my big toe only stop growing
No information on why a big toe would stop growing, but the nail of the big toe may have a fungus. Common toenail fungus can stop growth and or make nails yellow and thick. There are OTC medications available.

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Why do I have yellow toenails?
Q: I know that nailpolish without a base coat causes this but why on only my big toe and the next toe? And, it looks like my toenail stopped growing and then started again as there is a ridge right along the middle of my toenail and above it is yellow below it is normal... any idea what may be causing this?
A: It just means that your toenail isn't getting enough oxygen. It doesn't matter if it is just one or two toes, but that is what it means. Stop painting them for a few weeks and try using a protein-enriched nail treatment to liven them up (I recommend Nailtiques).
Why are my big toes sore?
Q: Last october i went to a chiropodist that does my mums feet, i had a very bad ingrown toenail which had got worse because I left it so long, after being horrified by the thought of going there. I get scared easily by things like that.I hate needles, so i had no painkillers or anything during the removal of the nail either side and was in serious pain. Well as you can gather.I showed him my other toe as i was worried it may grow into an igrown toe nail, he told me not to worry it looked okay just to pack it to be safe. (When i say pack i mean put cotton wool in between the nail and the skin.)Anyway, after a month or so of going back to him while he packed my toe and finished the rest off for me, i was finally free to stop going there. The toe never has been anywhere near as bad as that and lucky enough i have had no ingrown toe nails since. But, both big toes have sore skin, only on the sides that are next to the other toes though which is rather peculiar, i do wear these spacer things so it's not because they're rubbing together. But it has never gone away after a few months and i'm starting to get very bothered by it.Sometimes they're okay, but never perfect. It's like i have really sore skin in between the nail and the skin even though he never touched the other toe. It's really strange. But anyway. I am NOT going back to a chiropodist over this, so please tell me how to stop my skin being so sore. I can't wear sandles, dollie shoes or even flat shoes. Infact i can't wear any type of shoes except for ugg boots and trainers. And only trainers that don't have rubber at the top so my conversers are basically out the window.PLEEEEEEEEASE help, i'm going on holiday soon and i don't know what to do :(I have never worn nay narrow shoes since i had it done.My toes were fine before all of this.
A: i have this and it sounds to me that the nail is irritating the skin around the nail. i usually cut the sides off the nail to stop them hurting or else it really plays my toes up, I'm like you i live in trainers but are you sure you haven't got a nail infection causing the pain and inflammation of the skin?
Is this normal?(foot growth question)?
Q: ok well like ever since i was little i grow about a size bigger on my shoes each year...so like im use to getting a shoe size bigger each year and so like i get new shoes every time school starts and im used to it...but im not sure when my feet r suppost to stop growing..im 15 and like i barely got new shoes about 4 months ago when school started and i had a lil bit of toe space still in them...but now my feet are like smooshed inside my shoes that i only got 4 MONTHS AGO! and like i tried on sum other shoes and like i have already grown another size bigger in just those 4 months! its crazy! and yeah i tried on the same style shoe and everything...it looked exactly liek the shoes i have now only a size bigger and those fit with no extra room...like they fit perfect...but my feet still seem to d growing and like i dont understand how come they are growing so drasticly lately...my friend like says its weird cuz im already a size 9 (U.S..but im really a 10 now) and im shorter than her and like she says that people with bigger feet r suppost to b taller....i WISh i was taller...i wanna b atleast like 5'6" while right now im 5'4" and i have been for about a year now...im not getting taller i dont think...but i just dont understand why my feet all of a sudden are growing so fast...like i dont want to be like 4 sizes bigger in one year!...that would b crazy but if i continue at this rate it will happen....i just dont get it....so um my question is...is this normal? does foot growth have anythign to do with height? cuz if it does then how come im a size 10 shoe and im 5'4" and my friend is a size 7-8 and she is 5'7"no all my family on both sides all have small feet...like size 5-7...all of the women in my family....and also im the tallest in like almost ALL my family even the guys...only my dad and grandad are taller by 3inches....my family is very short with small feet thats why i dont understand this cuz like none of my family in girls have bigger than size 7lol yall think i hate my big feet?! lol shoot i love showing them off...its jsut i wanna make sure that is like normal to have such a fast foot growth in 4 months...and my family ranges (girls heights) from 4'11" to 5'2" and then one person at 5'3" being my mom...and then me being the tallest girl...and in the guys it ranges from 5'3" to 5'7"omg! Lily! omg! i yi yi...i know 3x4=12 now i just feel stupid....i was tryping this right b4 i got to bed...and have u noticed that the 3 is right next to the 4...and at the same time of doing this i was doing my homework...UGH...im sorry but yes i take it very personal when sum1 currects my math...i know the basic math things...im like great at math...its just as i type i make mistakes...so its not like im stupid for doing the math wrong...*sigh* i love you lily but im not gunna give u the best answer cuz u just got me a lil bit sad cuz now i feel like an idiot
A: Its pretty common for feet to grow first and also for them to finish growing first...I have always felt I have big feet...they are about a 9 and have been this size since I was around 13-14. My feet are quite wide which makes getting shoes really difficult. Its genetics...there is obviously some family memebers around who have bigger feet but hide it well...it may have skipped a generation or two...or maybe even you are going to be a tall young lady...Dont feel so bad, once you are an adult you wont worry so much. Your feet will probably stop growing really soon. Use the mirrors in the store when you go shoe shopping and find styles that make your feet look smaller...dont look down on your own feet as they look really big from that angle.

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