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What would make me bleed a little bit a week after my last period

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A:Abnormal vaginal bleeding can signal gynecologic conditions and other medical problems. Thanks for asking ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-would-make-me-bleed-a-little-bit-a-week-after-my-last-period ]
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What would make me bleed a little bit a week after my last period?
Abnormal vaginal bleeding can signal gynecologic conditions and other medical problems. Thanks for asking ChaCha.

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What are different reasons to bleed after sex?
Q: Last night me and my boyfriend had sex, but after a while it started to gradually hurt more and more. We stopped and noticed that there was blood on the condom. I know if a condom isn't lubricated it can irritate the inside and cause you to bleed, but for some reason i cant use lubricated condoms; they burn. But we have been using non-lubricated for about a month and a half or so (maybe a little longer) and this hasn't happened. We didn't do anything any different or harder or whatever. I have been out of town for 2 weeks so we haven't had sex in about 3 till last night. Could that be a possibility?I also know that STD's can cause bleeding. I would like to know which ones those are so i can compare symptoms to myself to see.He said he's not worried at all about it because he knew he had nothing before we got together and I do also. I would just like to know what happened, because this morning i was in excruciating pain. But not around my vagina or anything, more on the inside and up more.If you have sex right off your period can it make you bleed a little bit more? Yesterday was my first day off of it.Sorry, lot's of questions, but please answer them. I would really appreciate the help!
A: Bleeding during or after sex is not considered normal and therefore should be evaluated at all times. The only time bleeding during or after sex is considered normal in some cases is if you are having sexual intercourse for the first time and the first few times after having sex for the first time.Some causes of vaginal bleeding after sex, such as vaginal dryness after menopause or in some cases by the use of certain types of birth control pills are not serious and may be easily treated. However, in some cases, vaginal bleeding after sex can be a sign of a serious underlying problem, including: * Inflammation of the cervix (cervicitis). * Sexually transmitted diseases, such as chlamydia or gonorrhea. * Cervical polyps. * Cervical ectropion, a condition in which the cervical tissue is more susceptible to abrasion. * Endometriosis or ovarian cysts.* Pelvic inflammatory disease. * Uterine fibroids. * Cancer of the cervix, uterus or vagina. If you continue to experience bleeding during or after sex, I would recommend that you consult with your doctor/gynaecologist to see what they think could be causing this.Good luck :)
How long after I stop taking Provera should I expect my period?
Q: My periods have always come a week to two weeks early every month. Some months I have 2 periods one in the beginning and one at the end depending on when I start, and still get a period the following month. Unless I was pregnant "I have 2 kids, and those were the only periods I have ever missed, and no I am not pregnant now". Anyway in December I got 2 periods one starting on the first lasting 3 days, and one on the 26th that lasted 3 days. Normal for me is 3-5 days. I thought I was getting my period on the 27th, but only had a little bit of blood on the pad and only used one pad. I was cramping so bad, that a touch to my stomach would be enough to make me cry. On the 29th I went to the hospital, and with the test and ultrasound they found I have fibriods on my left ovary along with cyst and lesions that was found in November 08, and are still present. He gave me pain medication to treat the pain and had me follow up my gyn on Tuesday. I followed up with him Tuesday morning and was informed that he believes I have endometriosis. He said he wants to do a laparoscopy to make certain, but for now is treating me with birth control pills for the pain, and to regulate my periods. He also gave me Provera to help induce my period with me not having one in over a month. How long after I finish this pill should I expect my period, and what happens if I have the same problem next month and don't get my period? And one more quick question with endometriosis doesn't a woman bleed more?
A: I heard it was after 2 to ten days..
Pregnancy bleeding? Or just a weird period?
Q: Ok so last night around 3:30 I woke up with really bad cramps and felt like I was going to puke. They felt like the cramps I get right before my period starts (my period also should have normally started today too), so I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. After a minute or two of trying to relax my uterus, a few drops or red blood came out. I put a pad on and tried to go back to bed but I still felt like I was going to puke. I took some advil and five minutes later I threw up and had some diarrhea. I took a hot bath for a while, and when I got out I threw up again! The bleeding got a little bit heavier but no clots.I do not know what to think of this! I was having unprotected sex all month and I usually do not have PMS until a couple days before my period starts, but I've been feeling tired, emotional, sore breasts and fatigue for probably 2 or 3 weeks now. I never felt any serious morning sickness until last night, and now my back is so stiff and sore that I have to stay in my bed with a heating pad under me.I'm still bleeding this morning (dark-ish red) but still no clots and not as heavy as my period usually starts off. I took two pregnancy tests in the morning a week ago and both came out negative, I think I tested too early. I'm trying to make an appointment with my doctor but as for now what should I think? What would you think if you were me in this situation?Thank you in advance for your help, I really need it. I've been seriously confused all month. Ughhh
A: please take a test and see your doctor even if it comes out negative.could be spotting from preg, could also be an infection setting in from unprotected sex.i bled through my last preg right into the 5th month and there was nothing they could find to be the cause... and my son was born only 5 days early, and the heaviest I gave birth to.Take some prenatal vitamins, just so if you do get preg, the baby is getting the folic acid it need to grow properly :)EDIT: i bled like a regular period almost non-stop for those 5 mths too, seemed to get worse with sex thoEDIT #2: advil is definitly not recommended if you are pregnant, if you need pain killers, take tylenol or acetametaphene(spelling might be wrong)

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