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What percentage of women are pregnant and have a period

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A:Technically, no women have a period while pregnant. Some women do have vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, which can be alarming. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-percentage-of-women-are-pregnant-and-have-a-period ]
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What is the percentage of women getting pregnant right after thei...?
Not alot because a women has to have a period at the age of :11, 12,13 to know if in the future she is going to be pregnant..
What is the percentage of women getting periods during pregnancy??
Less than 1%. I was a midwife for 20 years and only knew one woman who had periods while pregnant.
What is the percentage of women who get pregnant on their period?
The percentage of women who get pregnant while having their period is very low, but the fact that it does happen has...More?

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What percentage of women do not have enough HCG to show up on a HPT three days after a missed period?
Q: And... how long did it take for the test to work for you when you were/are pregnant?
A: I was sure that I was pregnant, but still couldn't get a positive to show up on a test. I even went to the doctor, and their test showed negative, too. After a blood test, at almost 7 weeks preggo, I got a positive. We're still not sure why he didn't want to register on the stick! My son's now about to turn 4 and was/still is perfectly healthy.
I've started my period but I have three positive pregnany tests, am I pregnant?
Q: I'm so sad! I really wanted to be pregnant! I took three tests before my first missed period and they all came back a VERY VERY faint positive. Well I think I'm starting my period. I had some light bleeding and cramps. I have all of my PMS symptoms. I'm so sad! Does anyone know what the percentage of women who have periods and are still pregnant?!?! am I still pregnant or did I lose it?Just wante to let everyone that I did lose the baby and I'm very upset about it.
A: Hey, I got a positive test but my period started anyway! Huh? Since some HPT's are so sensitive, they can detect a pregnancy in its very early stages. Unfortunately, it's estimated that up to 50% of pregnancies are lost very early on. In the past, most women did not even realize they were pregnant-- their periods would arrive on time, or perhaps a day or two late. Now, women testing very early may get a positive test, but experience bleeding almost immediately afterwards. This is an early miscarriage, also referred to as a "chemical pregnancy." It is likely that you did conceive and the embryo implanted for a short time before dying. This miscarriage is "disguised" as a period because the bleeding happens right around the time you would expect your period. Because this is so common, you probably have nothing to worry about, medically speaking, if it happens to you once or twice (although it is still heartbreaking when it happens!) If, however, this happens to you more than a couple times, or in consecutive pregnancies, you should discuss it with your doctor, as this can signal a problem (which can oftentimes be corrected with minimal treatment.) That said, it is also possible to experience some spotting or bleeding and still have a healthy pregnancy, so don't panic! It may be implantation bleeding (from your baby snuggling in your uterus for a nice long stay!) If you experience bleeding after a positive pregnancy test, you should call your doctor.
I had unprotected sex 4-5 days after my period ended could i be pregnant?
Q: I started my period on the 19th of February and it usually ends anywhere from 5-7 days later, the doctor stopped my birth control pills the month before and I had unprotected sex the other night. I have a 28 day cycle like most women have and i am wondering what my percentage is of getting pregnant.It would have been day 12 since my period began, if that helps answer this.
A: if you have unprotected sex you can get pregnant...i dont see why people have a hard time understanding that

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