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What over that counter drug can make you test positive in a drug test

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OTC drugs containing codeine, morphine or dexamphetamine can result in positive drug tests. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-over-that-counter-drug-can-make-you-test-positive-in-a-drug-test ]
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What over that counter drug can make you test positive in a drug ...?
OTC drugs containing codeine, morphine or dexamphetamine can result in positive drug tests.
What amount of phenylephrine in over the counter drugs could make...?
other cold remedies can apparently produce false reports of methamphetamine usage. Some additional over the counter medicines that may cause various kinds of drug test interactions include Alka-Seltzer plus, Allerest, Bronkaid, Contac, Donn...
What over the counter medicine would make you test positive for o...?
Opiates - Substances or Conditions which can cause false positives Poppy Seeds Tylenol with codeine Most prescription pain medications Cough suppressants with Dextromethorphan (DXM) Nyquil Kidney infection, Kidney Disease Diabetes, Liver Di...

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if GNC's supplements are so safe, why are they scared of them being regulated?
Q: I got this email from GNC and I thought it was pretty weird:TO OUR VALUED CUSTOMEROn February 3, 2010, Senators John McCain and Byron Dorgan introduced S. 3002, a bill entitled, The Dietary Supplement Safety Act. The supposed purpose of the bill is to make dietary supplements "safer." This is ironic because dietary supplements are already hundreds of times safer than either prescription or over-the-counter drugs.The real purpose of this bill is to limit your access to dietary suppl ements. The government would tell you, the consumer, what dietary supplements you could and could not buy. There is little doubt that if this bill becomes law your choices will be drastically reduced, and many of the supplements you take today will become illegal. This misguided bill affects ALL dietary supplements, including vitamins, minerals, herbs, sports and diet products.But, who is behind this bill? The answer is simple: big time sports leagues, especially Major League Baseball, which in recent years have been plagued by steroid scandals. Fearful that Congress will end their lucrative anti-trust exemption and require real drug testing, they have decided to make the supplement industry their scapegoat. When one of their players tests positive for steroids, they'd like people to think it must have been an adulterated dietary supplement.Unless you want the government to tell you what supplements you can and cannot take, and unless you want to see your freedom of choice drastically reduced, you need to make your views known to your United States Senators.Tell them to oppose this terrible piece of legislation.To make your views known, you can go to the Save Our Supplements website (SaveOurSupplements.org) to send a note in opposition to S. 3002 directly to your two Senators or you can use the website to get information to construct your own personal letter. Either way, you need to act immediately. Do not let Congress take away your right to buy and use dietary supplements.CLICK HERE TO GO TO SAVE OUR SUPPLEMENT.ORG It just sounds like they're scared of people finding out what is actually in those supplements...what do you think?
A: There are probably two aspects to consider when answering this question.The first, and the most simple is that GNC knows most of their supplements don't do what they advertise them to do. This would be very bad for business. I'm sure they would rater remain unregulated and never have to prove any of their products actually do any of the things they are claimed to do.The second aspect is more complicated but probably gets equal consideration. The hassles and costs related to selling a REGULATED product are immense. You have to document every step of every process used to make your products. You have to submit to testing based on the claims you make. For example.. If something is supposed to cure headaches it had better cure headaches. This sort of touches on the first reason I gave but that's just a by product. Having the Government involved in your processes is never a good thing is the basic point.Given those two reasons can you blame GNC for wanting to remain unregulated?

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