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What otc pills can you get messed up from

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I've heard that you can get "high" off of Nyquil.However, it's dangerous and I can't condone such an action and neither can ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-otc-pills-can-you-get-messed-up-from ]
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What otc pills can you get messed up from
I've heard that you can get "high" off of Nyquil.However, it's dangerous and I can't condone such an action and neither can ChaCha

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chronic pain questions.?
Q: I have 3 compression fractures that wont heal.. it's been 2 years instead of healing all the pressure if causing way more pain..social security keeps denying me so i can get surgery before it ends up making me kill myself just to stop the agony..what would you guys do?nothing OTC works... I can't work to get money to buy pain pills.. I occasionally can get 20$ which buys me enough to get relief for one day and then its back to hell.compression fractures are supposed to heal up and stuff mine have gotten worse instead.. the pain is just as bad if not worse than when i came home from the hospital right after they got messed up in the first place.. i can't simply go online and buy herbal supplements that help like kratom anymore b/c im out of money..what would you guys do?? please give me some advice..and, is it normal to think about suicide when you deal with chronic pain?i have its on the 4th time.. now i have a lawyer and everything.. i got a letter saying they aren't going to reconsider the case.. :(so i have to start over from the beginning againyea i used the wild kratom and extracts and just about every other kind.. but i no longer even have a bank account... family drained it out completely using my debit.. it got down to -400$ and they closed my account..
A: Wild Kratom is cheap. You can get it for as little as a dollar per gram.
severe period pains cause me to nearly pass out and not sleep?
Q: I'm 21, and apart from severe period pain and PMS I am healthy, I have been on the pill, which messed my life up without going into detail, and my pains were there before but never this severe, and they have been getting worse since I stopped taking it. I've seen many doctors, had tests done, all of which showed nothing wrong, so I was just sent away and told to take OTC pain medications, which don't touch the pain, or only work for about half an hour. For about 2 days each month I am litteraly crying with pain, I mean I've broke down in public before from it. I can't sleep, move, do things round the house, nothing. I am going to the doctors next month and I might mention it, what kind of things should I ask for this time because it's effecting my life, my relationship, everything, all in 2 days. I know I might seem like I'm a wuss, you might think it's only 2 days, but I dread these 2 days all month as it really is hell.
A: I have been there (now in menopause). Anyway, you may have endometriosis - it is scar tissue that builds up in your uterus and every time you have your period - it does not "clean out" all the way, so the scar tissue continues to build - can be VERY VERY painful.I used to be in the floor with it myself. And the doctors did not understand.You may have fibroids on the inside (not outside - which is typical) of your ovaries - a sonogram will show this as well.You need to have a sonogram done. DO NOT GIVE UP! OTC meds. will not help.DO NOT TAKE NO for an answer!Good luck girl! I truly sympathize with you.

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