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What does it mean when you have vaginal bleeding but its not your period

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A:Vaginal bleeding could be caused by the hymen membrane breaking. This could happen from first intercourse or just straining the vaginal area. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-you-have-vaginal-bleeding-but-its-not-your-period ]
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What does it mean when you have vaginal bleeding but its not your...?
Vaginal bleeding could be caused by the hymen membrane breaking. This could happen from first intercourse or just straining the vaginal area. ChaCha!
What does it mean when you bleed out your vagina and your not on ...?
talk to your doctor about this he/she would be better able to advise healthier and safer - bleeding from any where is not really a good sign (unless you have your monthlies. good luck.

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Girl quick question Im 4 weeks pregnant went to hospital for bleeding Help they said its implantation bleeding?
Q: PLEASE READ BEST ANSWER WILL GET RATED THANK YOU FIRST TIME MOMMY =)Ok so not to long ago I thought i was 6 weeks pregnant because my last period was jan 1 but yesterday i went to the emergency room because i start bleeding from my vagina and i thought i was miscarrying when they checked my uterus to see if it was open or closed it was closed. So the doctor said well your uterus is closed which means your not going to miscarry when they did a vaginal ultrasound the lady said the baby and the yolk sac measured like if im 4 weeks pregnant so it ended up being that i was 4 weeks pregnant and the baby was growing right and everything looked fine and my beta levels were high..The Doctor said is implantation bleeding but last night i had some much cramps and strong one that i couldn't even sleep then they went away this morning and im only spotting right now so what do you think girls ?
A: I'm sorry, but ER docs are not the best at diagnosing pregnancy problems. You need to speak with your own doctor. First of all, your cervix being closed does not mean you wont miscarry, it just means that at that moment you werent going to bleed out. Second, implantation bleeding does usually occur somewhere around 4 weeks pregnant, but they wouldn't be able to see a baby that little on the screen. Usually you have to be at least 6 weeks to make out a yolk sac and fetal pole. What you need to do is get another blood test here in the next day or two and compare that number with the number from the hospital. HCG should be doubling every 2-3 days, so if it is you should be fine. If it is not, then there is a concern. Good luck!
What should I do with this situation? Any advise?
Q: Your QuestionIs this grounds for lawsuit, what should I do?I had a c-section 6 weeks ago Wednesday, since then I have been bleeding heavy and bright red, It will go from light to heavy at times which is not normal past 4 weeks of postpartum from what I know. Three weeks ago on a Saturday, I got a scare of my life when suddenly after almost a stop to my bleeding I gushed blood and large clots filling 3 pads within 45 minutes on the way to the ER, before going to the ER I called my doctor and he said it could be a period, he was certain since Id stopped breastfeeding thats what it was. I didnt want to stop breastfeeding, I wasnt producing though! So in the ER they said my cervix was closed it must be a period. The bleeding got light again that week and again last weekend I had the same thing happen, called my OB they kept saying its normal since I just had a baby, I knew it wasnt and I told them that! Ive made many more calls concerning my bleeding to my doctors office and same thing, see you at 6 weeks its normal. So just yesteday, I had the same thing again 3 weeks later, and I told myself something isnt right no matter what they tell me, so I called my ob, and the nurse said its normal, theres no doctor here and nothing we can do for you. So I took myself to the ER, and the ER doc was doing a vaginal exam I said to her that I had been reading online about retained placenta and really think its possible she assured me no Id be toxic by now if that were the case. It wasnt 5 seconds later she said I see some tissue Im going to give it a little tug and take a sample, all the sudden I felt something come out of me like you wouldnt believe, she said "WOW omg you did have placenta in there!" It was aprox 4 inches long and 3/4 inch thick and the smell was horrible (sorry TMI), I should have had an infectino and been toxic she said. Also this is why I wasnt producing mikl for my son and he had jaundus, my body thought I was still pregnant. SO they done an ultrasound, and there was a small bulge but they said most likely blood and sent me home on methergine for the next 3 days, shouldnt they have done an emergency DNC? I mean its been 6 weeks Ive had rotting placenta inside me. And I had a c-section they shouldnt have missed that! I could have hemoraged, I was scared for my life Ive been bleeding so bad for weeks and told it was NORMAL. I could have got an infection and been toxic, anything could have happend, Im just lucky I went with my instinct and not the doctors!! I have been praying to god, and really think he must have been on my side to not have gotten sick or even run a fever. Is this ground for lawsuit or should I just let it slide? Im really confused, I did not know how serious this matter is until now!
A: possibly grounds for a law suit. i had a similar experience( gushing blood, so scary and 3 trips to er and loads of examinations) after i had a misscariage and nobody spotted 'parts' that were left behind, but it is just too painful to sue, dont want to have to relive the experience. good luck, enjoy your baby x

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