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What does it mean when my head feels tight and it hurts

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Tightness in the head and knee is a common symptom of tension headaches. Treatment includes OTC medication, rest, and warm shower. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-my-head-feels-tight-and-it-hurts ]
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What does it mean when my head feels tight and it hurts
Tightness in the head and knee is a common symptom of tension headaches. Treatment includes OTC medication, rest, and warm shower.

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Does this mean that my body might be getting ready to go into labor?
Q: Okay so I am 37 weeks and for the last 4 days - my stomach has been getting hard as a rock - it gets so tight that it hurts - I sit down to make the pain go away but the stomach stays rock hard. The baby's head is really low and sitting on the cervix and when I go to the bathroom and "push" (doing # 2) - she pushes her head down into my cervix which hurts. Today I just feel really drained - like I am coming down with the flu or something - my head hurts, my stomach hurts and my insides feel weak and drained. I don't know if I am dilating at all - the last time my midwife checked my cervix was at 34 weeks and she said that my cervix was REALLY soft. Now I am 37 weeks so I could be dilated by quite a bit since then. Did anyone feel like this a few days before going into labor? My friend said she felt like this 2 days before she had a membrane sweep done which caused her to go into labor full on and she had the baby in less than 24 hours. Did you ever feel like this towards the end of your pregnancy? How far along were you? and how long after feeling like this did you end up having your baby? what symptoms did you have the few days prior to your labor?
A: Tell you a trick that really works.(Only because you are that far along) You need go to the healthy food store and buy primrose vitamin/herb the liquid jell kind. Swallow one and then break another one open and put it on your cervix. You will be in labor in tow hours or less but definitely have your baby tonight.
I hurt my head pretty badly. What should I do?
Q: I was at my friend's house last night and we were messing around and being dorks basically. Two of my friends started doing kicks like trying to kick their leg as high as they could because the way they did it was just hilarious. So then I tried to do it and I acidentally slipped. My leg surprisingly went all the way up to like my head. But I was wearing slippery socks and super tight jeans, so when I did it, I must have put too much energy into it and I fell back. It was funny, yeah. But I fell right on my head first, not my back or my butt. I definitely didn't catch myself because I didn't see it coming. But it was a really fast, kick then BOOM and my head just slammed onto the floor. LUCKILY, it was carpet! But I felt extremely dizzy and tired right afterwards and my dad picked me up soon after, he said my pupils are okay so I don't have a concussion, but I mean, I still kind of worry about it. I get scared easily. So I went to sleep pretty good but after maybe 2 hours I started to wake up with a huuuuge headache and I kept waking up every five seconds because of the pain being so bad. I got sick to my stomach this morning too. I don't know if that's related or not, though. And my head still hurts like no other. But it could just be bruised, idk though, what do you guys think?
A: You'll have a punk knot, but if you're lucid and coordinated enough to think of and type the question, you should be fine.
What does my morbid/disturbing dream mean?
Q: Lastnight, I had the most disturbing dream. (more of a nightmare) and it's been bothering me all day. I was in the woods, and there was a small dog.. the size of a chiwawa (sp?). There were two other people who put 2 choker collars on the dogs mid body, attached to leashes. (the metal collars that tighten when the leash is pulled). The two people were pulling 2 leashes, one person standing by the dogs head, and the other at the opposite end. The dog was in the air, and they kept pulling the leashes, hurting the dog. I was screaming and trying to get the dog free, but the collars were too tight. The two people ended up pulling the leashes until the dog was in two pieces, and I was flipping out!! This has been weighing on my mind all day long, and it's really making me feel super depressed that I had such a dream. I love animals, and would do anything to help anyone/anything. Does anyone have an explaination for this type of nightmare??
A: Small dog indicates more helpless. It would be a different dream if the dog was a German Sheppard or a Saint Bernard (like to see two people try and pull apart a full-grown Saint Bernard.) Since both you and the dog are helpless in the dream, I think its safe to say the dog represents how you see yourself. The dog represents how you see your eventual self (or the outcome) turning out, while the 'you' in the dream represents your current emotional state.Two people pulling in opposite directions usually represent two situations or aspects pulling you in different directions, 'To be or not to be' as Hamlet once said. Of course, the 'choke' collar gets tighter the more the men pull or the more the dog pulls too, which means that even if the dog tried to get out of its situation, pulling would only make the situation worse, unless it was able to overcome the pull of both situations at the same time. But, because the dog is small and helpless, it can't overcome one person/situation, let alone two, which is why it ends up 'bloody' and 'torn apart' at the end.Something is causing you to feel torn, bottom line. Figure out what it is and you will understand what you have to pull against to keep yourself from feeling 'ripped in two.'

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