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What does dark vaginal bleeding mean

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A:Are you on your period? Sometimes the blood will become dark. If you're not and it's heavy bleeding, go to a doctor. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-dark-vaginal-bleeding-mean ]
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What does dark vaginal bleeding mean
Are you on your period? Sometimes the blood will become dark. If you're not and it's heavy bleeding, go to a doctor. ChaCha!

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What does a dark brown vaginal discharge mean when I'm 75 days late on my period?
Q: It has been 75 days since I last had my period. I went to the doctor and was told that I'm not pregnant, even though I've had unprotected sex a couple of times with my fiance. She also tested for STDs which were all negative and did a pap smear. My last period was on the 9th of October. Last week I began getting scant brownish/light pink discharge. Today though, the discharge was a very dark brown, thick, stringy discharge. Could this be my period that's on its way, since I'm 2 months late? Or implantation bleeding (as I've had unprotected sex approximately 3 times since seeing my gyno?) My period is always on time, no more than 1 or 2 weeks late, and I'm a healthy 24 year old woman with no history of PCOS, thyroid problems, etc.
A: Well the brown is usually dark blood which is present at the end of your period so I am thinking your period is trying to come or something but you just aren't having it. You should go see your doctor again and make sure you aren't pregnant. It isn't normal to just not have a period unless you are taking things that make it that way.
What causes dark brown vaginal bleeding for two weeks?
Q: I am on the pill and have been for over a year now. A week before my period i started to get alot of light brown discharge and slight cramps so i just thought i was getting my period early. On that same week i did bleed but for only one day... The week that was suppose to be my period i decided to skip the white pills since i thought i had already had my period and just continued taking the yellow pills but all this week my discharge has been a dark brown. It's not too heavy and it isn't painful at all. Does anyone know what this could mean? Im really worried?? Could it be due to stress as i have been working alot lately so much that i have actually got pimples (which i haven't got since i was a teenager) and have also lost 5kg.
A: I think your weight change and other factors may have had an impact on it.I suggest seeing your doctor.
What does brown vaginal discharge mean?
Q: To begin with: I have been tested for any and all STDs that could possibly cause this and all tests were negative, I have only ever been with one guy anyway so this isn't an issue. Yesterday I noticed some dark brown vaginal discharge. I skipped my period (which is normal for me) so I thought maybe that it was just late and this was a sign it was starting. Then I didn't get discharge again until last night and today. It is still the same color and I haven't had any menstrual bleeding yet. I'm a little worried since this has never happened except in the case of a period that is late and in those cases the menstrual flow followed quickly after the discharge. What do you think is going on?
A: Its just you getting rid of the rest of your period, the website says "the late exit". The medical form of "brown vaginal discharge" is getting rid of your leftover endometrial cells that should have gone with your previous period. Allot of women experience this so when they say "you prob have a STD" just say that to make you scared. You obv don't if you've been tested. Drink plenty of water and it should go away in a few days.

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