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What can my boyfriend do to keep from being so gassy

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He can avoid certain foods (like pop, broccoli, beans, gum, hard candy, etc), eat slowly, increase exercise & try an OTC medicine. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-my-boyfriend-do-to-keep-from-being-so-gassy ]
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What can my boyfriend do to keep from being so gassy
He can avoid certain foods (like pop, broccoli, beans, gum, hard candy, etc), eat slowly, increase exercise & try an OTC medicine.

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Doc says I'm ovulating, I say I'm pregnant. Opinions?
Q: I got married on the 22nd to my long time boyfriend. My period had drizzled to an end the same day. (I have pretty long periods...usually 6-8 days) We had unprotected sex 5 times using the pull out method. Well one time he didn't pull out in enough time. Fast forward eight days. Honestly, I had forgotten about the unprotected sex thing. But on the 29th my stomach felt a little nauesous so I went to bed early. Next day, basically all day I felt nauseous, cramps (like period cramps), and a decreased appetite. I also slept all day. Today is now the 2nd. I'm still bloated (more so than ever before), the cramps were especially bad yesterday, I'm incredibly tired. My boobs hurt on and around the breast (specially near my underarm) my stomach is still nauesous, nothing sounds good to eat. I'm gassy and I get these random stings of pinching in and around my lower tummy...it felt like somebody was pulling me from the inside. The cramps kept me up Sunday night (they were really bad then) and last night (not so bad but bad enough to wake me up) Today, the 2nd, the nausea has somewhat alleviated, my appetite still isn't all the way back, but the bloatedness and sore boobies continue. I am also having a milky, pure white, not smelling, discharge.I took two home tests and they were negative (but not accurate as I'm not due for my period until the 15thish) and today I went to the Doctor. He ruled out any flus (stomach or otherwise) and said that there was basically no way I could get pregnant right after I finished my period. He said I could be ovulating. This is maddening for me. In all my 11 years of being a fertile woman (I'm 23) I have never felt like this when I was ovulating. Never. I don't even notice when I'm ovulating!! He also suggested that it could be stress, but I know it's not because I felt crappy even before I remembered (yay another sharp cramp in my stomach ow =\) that I had unprotected sex! I know what's not normal for my body, nobody else does. So, what do you guys think? I know that this was a long post, but I just wanted to cover everything. I know I'm pregnant. I can feel it. I don't want to be pregnant (I'm almost in my last year of college so the timing isn't great) but I know I am. Blah. Long post lol, sorry about that. Anyway, your thoughts would be appreciated! Thank you!Thank you all for all of your concerns. The sad part is I don't keep track of my periods or ovulation so I don't know if my period is regular or not. Blah.Also the only symptoms that I have of ovulation right now is the cramps and discharge...but I highly doubt that ovulation cramps would last for 3 days and keep me up at nights. Thoughts?
A: I started cramping about 6 days after ovulation and the cramps lasted for days. I was bloated gassy and moody. I get sharp pains on the sides of my boobs and still in my stomach and I am 14 dpo. I tested today only to get a negative result. I have read though, that some hcg levels dont show up until later around the 18th or 19th day. So it is possible for you to be pregnant. Like you said, you know your body. Wait a while then test again thats what I am going to do.
Could I possibly be pregnant ? It's driving me insane !?
Q: About 4 weeks ago I had the last encounter where my boyfriend and I dry humped. He always has his shorts on and develops a small wet patch after. I don’t have my underwear on. I have never had intercourse or given him oral. Sometimes he fingers me while giving me oral but that’s the extent to which this has gone on.3 weeks ago - I had some cramps around the time of my mid cycle for two days. There was no bleeding, or discharge of a strange colour. I have no pain while going about my bathroom sessions. Neither did I feel any nausea or vomiting. My right nipple was a bit sore but even that’s settled down now. I have no frequent urination spells.I’m 25. I immediately had a HIV, Hep and Urine DR done immediately. The urine tests were all normal - indicating no infection bacteria or yeast, no diabetes, or kidney ailments, and I was negative for Hep and HIV. Essentially the activity I engage in with my boyfriend is something that is strictly against my moral and religious code - and it makes me feel dirty and unclean after and has in the past once before created this pregnancy/ std scare.I'm terrified I might be pregnant - and I started reading about miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies. When I did that, I got so stressed out I felt nauseous for about a good 3-4 days and that’s passed since I recently discussed these fears with a friend. All the stress has been giving me gassy stomach, some diarrhea for the last two days, and a neck/shoulder ache. I realize this things are also symptoms for an ectopic pregnancy. So Sunday I took a home pregnancy test - twice and it was both negative. and on Tuesday morning I got my period. I usually get them between the 14-16 and I got it on the 15th this time. Two days down so far it’s completely like a normal period. The cramping which was always mild has next to stopped now. So really - unless I'm dwelling on the thought of an ectopic pregnancy... I am perfectly fine. With no aches and pains anywhere. 3 months ago I had a ovarian cyst removed which meant having part of my left ovary removed... but there were no complications during or after. This kind of cramping has only happened after this surgery though. I do want to go and get a pelvic ultra sound and a CBC blood test done to investigate the cramping that happened 3 weeks ago - and the tiny infrequent cramps since... but I'm terrified the ultra sound will reveal a pregnancy.My boyfriend thinks I’m creating drama and is completely unsupportive. He thinks I should blame the surgery and not him. I don’t care for drama, but the guilt of what I’m doing - and what it may cause is killing me. So please tell me - what are the chances I got pregnant from the humping? and how can I be a hundred and ten percent sure that I’m not pregnant - ectopic or otherwise?I really want to go for the ultra sound and cant bring myself to go unless I know for sure I’m not pregnant. I live in a very tiny town where everybody knows each other and doctors don’t keep patient secrets and am petrified of a pregnancy showing up in my ultrasound. Please help.
A: you are really not pregnant

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