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What can cause you to be on your period for more than a month

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A:If you are experiencing vaginal bleeding between periods you should see your doctor. The cause of irregular bleeding can vary. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-cause-you-to-be-on-your-period-for-more-than-a-month ]
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What can cause you to be on your period for more than a month?
If you are experiencing vaginal bleeding between periods you should see your doctor. The cause of irregular bleeding can vary.
What can cause my period to last more than a month??
How old are you? Are you near the stage where you might go through menopause? This can occur due to hormonal levels in your body. Bleeding longer than normal can be due to premenopause, BUT for over a month? You really need to get an c...
What could cause your period to stop for more than six months??
If it's not pregnancy If you're not pregnant, you could have a serious gynecological problem. See a doctor STAT!

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is this a start of a period?
Q: i know you all have read like a million of these and probably tired of people wondering what it is and it's obvious but i don't calculate my body but i do know when it's not being normal and i don't have medical to go to the doctor nor the money also i have tons of bills and have court to pay off and doctor fees to pay off so right now i have no money for the doctors but just listen to what i have to say.. if all you can say is "take a test" or "go to the doctor" that's completely fine by me but if you've had experience with this or understand where i'm coming from and how this can be confusing please help me out and give me some advice, that's all i'm asking for. i know you may think ( how old are you if your going to be asking this question or shouldn't you already know this? ) well i started my period at 16. have had irregular periods since then and got onto birth control which had me having my period every month until i got off of it after a year and a few months.. once i got off of it i didn't have a period for almost a year then i had one period but nothing afterwards.. i've heard it is harder for those with irregular periods to have a baby so i try harder than others.. i recently heard about acai berries which helps with many different things and also leaving your body more energized and healthier. also i've heard it helps with the blood flow in your body and that's what people lack when they have irregular periods so i started this pill about 4 or 5 days ago and just today i've been spotting.. and the last few days i've had real bad white/yellowish discharge which was so bad i thought i was peeing my pants. within the last couple weeks i've been feeling as if there's been a cold/flu coming on, which includes the diarrhea, constipation, gasey, headaches, throat feeling metallic like in the back of my mouth but no actual feeling of sick. also the past few days i've had breast tenderness and uncomfort feeling in them. but its not so much the whole entire boob feeling painful but my nipples hurt to the touch even with a bra on and they stick out more even if they are warm. i have one bigger boob which usually all women do but recently i've noticed the smaller boob has grown more and it has equaled up to the other ones size but not in fullness. the symptoms i currently have are constipation, diarrhea, headaches, irritability, metallic taste, white/yellowish discharge, spotting of red/brown color, mild cramping, flu/cold like symptoms, head feeling warmer than normal as if my head sometimes is on fire which makes my cheeks rosey.. not been paying attention to frequent urination but i know i already do a lot cause i have anxiety which causes me to go more than normal so not sure if i have been going more often than normal. i took a pregnancy test a couple days ago but it showed up negative as i thought it would since i have irregular periods and never think i can be pregnant..
A: well those do sound like pregnency symptoms but yea u should wait another week or two and take another test cus it may have been too early. but i dont understand why ur trying to have a baby if u dont have money
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What to expect at this doctor's appt? (fertility and bad periods)?
Q: Hello all,I've posted a few questions in the past few days, but now I have more. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.I came off the pill in April (ortho tri cyclen lo until Feb and then switched to tri-sprintec 28 in march. caused problems, so I stopped using it). My periods got back to normal about a month after I stopped using the pill. My husband and I were going to wait until October to TTC, but I wanted to start tracking my cycles over the summer so I'd know what I'm dealing with. I charted on fertility friend with OPK's and CM method. BBT was too hard for me to remember to do everyday. I've ovulated every month since I stopped using the pill. This past cycle was our first without using protection of any kind.With all that said, ever since I stopped using BC, my periods have been HORRIBLE! I pretty much get cramps the entire month, followed by cripplingly painful cramps on my period. These bad ones start about 2 days before and go 2 days into my period. For the first two days, my flow is so heavy that I bleed through a Super tampon in less than an hour, then from days 3-6, it slows down to just light spotting with no cramping. A few people have suggested endometriosis or maybe a tilted uterus. I had an ultrasound done when I first started having this problem and they said my uterus "looks large for someone who's never been pregnant". They brushed me off and told me to take Advil when I felt pain. But now my stomach constantly hurts from all the advil... it's like a big bad cycle.I have a dr's appt Friday with a doctor who's been highly recommended by others. What should I expect at this visit? What if she suggests going back on the pill even though I'm TTC. I know they all think it will "regulate your cycles" but mine already are regular, and going off the pill before only made my cramping and bleeding worse =/.What will the appointment consist of? Can you think of anything else it may be?
A: My guess would be endometriosis or fibroids. Particularly fibroids given the "strange shape of uterus".

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