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What are over the counter narcotics

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Narcotics are generally not in OTC medications but they are in many prescription medications. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-over-the-counter-narcotics ]
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What are over the counter narcotics
Narcotics are generally not in OTC medications but they are in many prescription medications. ChaCha!
Where can I go to learn about prescription medications, over-the-...?
NIH's National Library of Medicine provides a guide to over 9,000 prescription and over-the-counter medications on its MEDLINEplus Website . For the latest information on drug approvals and safety warnings, consult the Food and Drug Adminis...
Can you buy our pain narcotics that we have here in the USA in Ca...?
Tylenol 1's and 222's can be bought without a prescription in Canada. Both of these pills have 8 mgs of codeine just the Tylenol 1's are acetominophen based and 222's are aspirin based. They are not out on display and you have to ask the ph...

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What over the counter/ easy to get prescription pills (non narcotic), will give you a high if you take alot?
Q: I need to know of any easily accessible (Over the counter) drugs, that can get me high, if taken in a large amount. Also, I can get access to prescribed meds, like when i go to the doctor for a cold or just being mildly ill, they give me prescriptions but not for narcotic drugs, so I need to know if there are any non narcotic prescription drugs that get prescribed alot(easily accessed) that can get you high.Also are there any over the counter or prescription meds i can mix together to get high?Please dont answer and tell me im pathetic or something. Only answer if you are pro drug!
A: Theres a drug called dextromethorphan in some cough medicines that might make u hallucinate, Taking ephedrine and caffine at the same time can act as a stimulant, but anything that is legal is a poor substitute for illegal drugs. You need to do alot of research before you take anything. Try erowid and some of the other drug related websites.
What do you suggest is the strongest over the counter pain relief medicine?
Q: I have a very bad back and I don't take prescription narcotics. I need your opinion on the one that works best for you. Thanks!
A: ~ first of all it depends what type of pain you are haveing,,,,,if you can edit your question to let us know what type of pain....if its muscle,,,then you want an anti inflamitory....." Ibprophin" for anti inflamitory...I would say besides going to your Dr.,,,,go the Pharmacy and ask the Dr which type of pain releiver is best for the type of pain you are having,,,the Pharmasist should know more about the drugs than the actual Dr.Also stretching excercises help,,,,every morning when you first get out of bed, try this,,,,,seriously,,,get on all 4's and stretch your back like a cat. Do it slowly bit by bit,,,this will help stretch your muscles,,,,,Yoga will help to strengthen your muscles,,,see if you can purchase a video or go on line for Yoga positions that will help your back.
Best pain medication over the counter?
Q: I have a sciatic nerve pinch and arthritis with cerebral palsy in my left hip. I have been in severe pain for the last 4 days. I have been trying to rest as much as possible, which does help, but still having pain. I have some narcotic pain meds but hate to use them unless I just have too. What is the strongest pain med that I can use over the counter?
A: I can't give you the actual name of a medication but you need a pain med that is:1. Anti-inflammatory;2. Contains codeine; and3. Is a muscle-relaxant as well.Ask your pharmacist for something containing these things.

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