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What are causes of abnormal vaginal bleeding

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A:Unexpected bleeding is always a concern for a woman at any stage of life. Bleeding other than a normal menstrual p(more) [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-causes-of-abnormal-vaginal-bleeding ]
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What are the causes of abnormal vaginal bleeding?
The bleeding may arise from the uterus, the cervix, the vagina or the ovaries. In the uterus the presence of fibroids or cancer cause excessive or irregular bleeding. Dysfunctional uterine bleeding (DUB) is an irregular heavy bleeding from ...
Abnormal vaginal bleeding is said to occur if you have a period more often than every twenty-one days, less often than every thirty five days, or if you have bleeding or spotting between periods. Bleeding more than 30 to 40 milliliters per ...
How Common are these Causes of Abnormal vaginal bleeding?
This information refers to the general prevalence and incidence of these diseases, not to how likely they are to be the actual cause of Abnormal vaginal bleeding. Of the 74 causes of Abnormal vaginal bleeding that we have listed, we have th...

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what is the cause of abnormal vaginal bleeding of a 83 year old?
A: Could be a bad problem, like uterine cancer. Could be something much more easily managed like a prolapsed uterus. If it is uterus prolapse they will put in a device called a pessary to hold it up. My mother had open heart surgery in her 70s much after she had already gone through menopause and it caused her periods to begin again. The reason the Drs gave us was the increased circulation. Poor dear had to deal with that for over a year before they stopped again.
Abnormal vaginal bleeding ?
Q: My mother's friend has been having issues with extreme abnormal vaginal bleeding. I'm only asking this question because my mother's friend refuses to be seen by a doctor and I think she has something very seriously wrong with her. Her bleeding is so bad that she bleeds through three heavy maxi-pads (she has told this to my mother), she has left trails of blood as she walks and recently left a large pool of blood on a chair she sat on in my home. There are times she bleeds through everything and her pants look like she was stabbed multiple times in the crotch. It's horrible.I normally would not ask a question of this nature if it did not pertain to myself, but my mother is very worried about her friend and her friend doesn't think there is anything wrong with her. What could this extremely abnormal bleeding be caused by? I'm thinking cancer, but I could be wrong.
A: discover below- all causes of "Uterine Bleeding"
Has anyone had abnormal vaginal bleeding for a few months and what was the cause of it?
A: I have found that if you have abnormal bleeding you should get it checked out right away. This could be a sign what's to come in the future. I had to have a polyp removed when I had the problem. It was removed because it could be the start of cancer if not taken care of. Please get it checked out right away.

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