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Is there anything you can buy over the counter to help herpes

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H-Balm is a popular OTC herpes med. If you do use OTC meds for herpes, make sure that you let your doctor know just to be safe! Cha Cha cares!! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-there-anything-you-can-buy-over-the-counter-to-help-herpes ]
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Is there a medicine that can be bought over the counter to help w...?
There are a number of different over-the-counter medications available, but they do not work that well. The newest is called MORE?

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Please help! Herpes in virgin?
Q: Ok I'm so sorry I know this is like a NOVEL, but PLEASE read this it's so important and I'm pretty much severely depressed.I've been having so many "womanly" problems lately and now I'm scared I might have HERPES please hear me out.... and only serious answers please! Ok,so a little over a month ago I took a spinning class for the first time... after the class I felt very sore and iritated in my vaginal region... but I thought nothing of it... just a little discomfort from the seat, and the fact that I wasn't used to it. Then I started to experience itching... and a few days later a thick white discharge. I've had a yeast infection before... so I assumed that's what it was. Coincidentally I had a doctor's appointment a few days later for something completely unrelated, so I decided to wait until my appointment to treat the suspected yeast infection. When I got there she tried to do a pelvic exam and gather a sample.... but I had a lot of pain and pressure when she inserted the speculum and I was tense, so she could not collect a sample. I figured it's because I'm a virgin... and that's why I had the pain. Since she couldnt collect a sample she asked if I just wanted to treat it as though it were a yeast infection, I said yes and she gave me an option of prescription diflucan... or over the counter monistat,,,, I chose the diflucan... because who wants to deal with a messy cream. So I took the dilflucan pill... and you're supposed to feel relief within 3-5 days.... NOTHING. It did not a thing. It was as though I hadnt taken anything.... so I called my doctor (GP)and explained.... and she said to make an appointment with a gynecolgist... so I called the gynecologist's office but they were unable to see me for a couple of weeks and that ws way too long, because by this time my symptoms had gotten MUCH more severe (same symptoms... but just worsened). So i decided I couldnt wait to see the gynecologist and bought some Monistat 7. I took the Monistat 7... and after it was finished I noticed a DRAMATIC improve in the amount of discharge I was having.... i think the discharge I have now is just normal because it's such a small amount. BUT the itching remained! At first I figured maybe it was just a little bit of the medication lingering in my body causing a bit of irritation.... but that was almost a week ago and the itching has not gotten worse! and theres burning. so I decided to check myself out down there to see if I could see anything visibly wrong... and now im FREAKING OUT. On my inner labia I have a cluster of bumps.... it's mostly on the left side... but a few on the right side as well... they are not pus filled... and I know what ingrown hairs look like... and they are NOT ingrown hairs. I'm not sure how long they've been there because it's not like I check myself out down there all the time..... but I figure they must have appeared recently or the doctor would have noticed it the first time i went in for a "yeast infection". So im totally paranoid and googling pictures of herpes and stuff... and Im not sure if it looks like that. The bumps are about the same size but they arent pus filled (at least not that i can tell... its not like I really got a close up look) The reason why I'm freaking out so much is because I had an incident about a year ago where I was intoxicated and molested.... I passed out, and if this is herpes it means I wasnt just molested.... I was raped. So PLEASE take this seriously and let me know of ANYTHING that you know of that can cause a cluster of reddish pink bumps, itching and burning. Anything that's not an std..... cuz like I said if its an Std that means I was raped. PLEASE Im so depressed about this and I dont know who to talk to. PLEASE PLEASE HELP.Oh in case you're going to say"just go to the doctor", i will as soon as I get a chance... but I dont have a car and my doctor is really far away. So it might be another week or two before I can around to getting to a doctor.... thats why im online asking strangers. :/oops i'm sorry I meant to say up there "the itching HAS gotten worse"**oops i'm sorry I meant to say up there "the itching HAS gotten worse"**Shoot, I also forgot to mention that I'm experiencing anal itching as well.
A: Will you please take a deep breath?1. There are lots of things that cause small bumps and pimples in that area, particularly if you have upset the natural bacterial balance of the vagina--which happens when you use an anti-fungal like Monostat.2. The bacterial balance down there is finely tuned and you are much more likely to have bacterial vaginosis (Not an STD--an infection when your natural system of checks and balances of bacteria gets out of whack). But I think it is simply irritation.You haven't mentioned a smelly discharge.3. The itching and irritation can be caused by lots of things--most frequently in young women from failing to resist the urge to scratch and from OVER cleaning the area and subsequently upsetting the natural bacteria balance.4. Herpes sores do not look like a cluster of bumps. They look like cold sores.5. The doctor probably did see them (how do you know she didn't?) and knew that that was a "normal" part of your anatomy. I am putting a link below for bacterial vaginosis--please read up on this. And try not to make a jump from a yeast infection to rape within 5 minutes--that is a bit too much of an emotional roller coaster.

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