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If you feel like you are about to puke what do you do

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To reduce nausea, try taking slow deep breaths, or try taking vitamin B6 or ginger supplements or an OTC anti-nausea medication. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-you-feel-like-you-are-about-to-puke-what-do-you-do ]
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What do you do when you feel like you are going to puke?
The puke feeling is pretty natural. We all want to win and if you have been playing a MTT for a couple of hours and end up ..MORE?
What treatment should you do when your at home and feel like your...?
eat lots of cheese and pickles haha no dont do This! if you do you probably will puke. I dont havean actual answer for this
Can't Sleep | Feel Irritated | Feels Like I'm Going to Puke?
There is a pressure point you can use for nausea that really works. Take the index, middle and ring finger of you right or left hand, and whichever you use, right or left, lay those three fingers on top of your arm with the ring finger at t...

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I seriously feel like puking when I think about Obama winning the election tomorrow?
Q: can someone please, pro obama, EXPLAIN why it is you are voting for medont tell me it will give the middle class a tax break. although true, that wont even jumpstart our economy. obama wants to raise taxes on the small businesses and the upper class who invests in these businesses. higher taxes for them means less jobs, which is why so many middle class families are struggling. i support mccain on the economy because he will keep taxes low for everyone, and reduce them if possible. its not fair to make the hard workers pay those who dont work at all. i feel for those struggling, but that doesnt make it fair that the upper class have to work for a pay check and they dont even get to pocket half of it.also, dont tell me about obama pulling out the troops in iraw and saving lives. this cant be done as easily as he is making it out to be. we need to stabalize the condition there, have them develop their own internal defense mechanisms, and leve victoriously. most people dont even realize the reason we went there in the first place: oiland now obama wants to bankrupt oil companies. genius. and also pro obama people, please give me your opinion on the fact that obama want to meet with some of the top terrorists who hate america and all americans? these men dont hold little friendly meetings! what does he expect to accomplish from that? and what about him refusing to place his hand ove rhis heart during the national anthem? disrespecting the true patriots of america who fought and died for this country. and, last, what about his lack of experience, and you are electing this man to be our president.please, anyone who cares to correct me on any of these points, please do, but im pretty sure they are all solid facts. just explain to me why you are voting obama, and how you think thats the best for america. whats wrong guys? dont have anything to say to my arguments? can only make comments about voting for him to make me puke now. how about you give me a intelligent answer about why your voting for him. sorry kelly t, looks like no one here will be able to answer my question. what a shamesolchef13where to begin. first of all, lie of limited/smaller goverment? lie? for as long as the republicans have existed, they have favored small govt, while DEMOCRATS like big government. they prefer the government to get involved in decisions that would otherwise be accomplished by free will. they want the government to pick the economic “winners and losers” by taxes the successful and giving that money to the unsuccessful. they do this in the name of what they call “social justice”, but it’s really just using force to make things turn out the way that some individual with power hopes that they will. this is a poor role for government, and one that’s done with the little efficiency. it is by definition, bad government. next. your crack at mccains economic policies. what about obamas anemic, impractical, naïve, and pure, unadulterated politics. if you think obamas tax cuts for some of the lazy a ss middle class will help our failing economy, YOU are the one whos beenunder a rock. yeah, punish the hard workers and make them pay for people who dont even work. genius, taking away incentive to work hard. i should tell my boss i want a decrease in salary, so me and my husband arent over the 250000 line and we get a tax cut. yeah, obama brilliant idea. those who only want that tax cut are thinking selfishly, and not considering the good of america. ok, next. you want to disagree with the fact that obama will bankrupt the coal and oil companies. i love how you had nothing to say. why dont you google it and get back to me. next, you want a source for obamas lack of patriotism? how about several. http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/anthem.asp (this one even has a picture for you :] )http://rawstory.com/news/2007/Obama_doesnt_put_hand_over_heart_1022.htmlhttp://newsbusters.org/blogs/mark-finkelstein/2007/10/20/obama-no-hand-heart-pledge-either-will-msm-noticei think you get the message, please let me know if you need moreits really not hard to find stuff displaying his lack of qualifications to be president. so, im done with this. but again, if anything confused you, ill be happy to clear the air. just let me know.
A: geez all these people need o understand what he is going to do to our country. i would not be surprised if we all woke up on wednesday and our country has exploded. literally. an i come puke with you?
I feel like puking and my period is late...what's going on?
Q: Ok I'm sure this sounds like pregnancy but...I took a test yesterday.Negative. Anyway, I feel like puking, my period is bout 4 or 5 days late, and me and my husband have noticed a lot of extra bumps( I believe their called Montgomery's tubercles) on my nipples. I know pretty much all women have them and I do have them but the last 2 days they have become quite noticeable to me. My nipples are a little tender too. I have had unprotected sex probably 4 times this past month. My last period was November 29th and I usually have about a 32ish day cycle in between. I got really dizzy just standing up normally today and I have been getting headaches a lot the last 3 or 4 days. Oh yea. I also had (about a week ago) a brownish discharge that lasted for about 5 days. Not enough for a pad or anything. Anyway, if anyone has any ideas PLEASE let me know. Thank you so much.
A: Go to the Dr you are probably pregnant home tests are wrong alot. You've had unprotected sex why wouldn't you think you were pregnant. Go to the Dr get a blood test.
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! What do I do about my naseau from my anxiety!?
Q: Ok, I am beautiful, successful, 24, and I have everything going for me, EXCEPT, my social life, I am God damn sick of living with anxiety, when I was younger I took some medicine, BUT, shit didn't do anything, so I said I would fight it on my own, it went away for about 2 years, it has come back, worse than before, I now have started partying and I want to meet a guy, and it hinders me! :( IDK what else to do, as I write this, I have tears, the only thing that kills me from the anxiety is the NASEAU, I feel like puking when I get it, I puked at the movie theater before I met a guy, it was so fucked up, I have been throwing up for a whole week now, due to some stress at work, but, I could control it, but now, I KNOW I will even throw up while I am driving, that bad, I am so desperate I will do anything illegal, I can't live like this anymore. I believe in God, I have no religion, but I have even prayed, I have tried to drink it off, I never drank before, I pinch myself because some say if you have another pain your body will go to the current one, puke before I leave anywhere, don't eat around people, nothing helps....God..........someone help me please. I HOPE someone that feels my puking" anxiety can relate and tell me what to do!Kimi, I have taken YEARS to get to where I am now, it calmed down like I told you...............it was gone for 2 whole years, I was at peace, BUT, now it has come back, I don't know what to do, I have to put myself in situations where I must be tested because then I am just avoiding life and I become worse, and a hermit, I am tired........I have talked about it, it disgusts & annoys me, I hate myself for it, my family dealt with it for years, its now just a part of me, the rest of the family has some of it, BUT, it seems I cannot accept living like this and having everyone need to cater or understand it when it ruins everything. I am just at a low point now.
A: speak to your doctor and get a professional opinion, including that your medication didnt work and that you cant figure out what is wrong on your own except that it is your inability to cope with anxiety..tell your family and friends that youre stressed so you feel supported and have somewhere to vent.. start with the basics.. being self-destructive with alcohol etc is not the way to go.. youre not dealing with the situation asking for help from drinks and God and short term solutions like not eating around people, etc.. youre just pushing the real problem aside and damaging yourself even more.. you need to confront this, not the symptons..vomiting all the time sounds absolutely horrible but it wont go away until you spend some quality time by yourself and sort this out one step at a time.. i know you really want to party/meet men because it makes you happy but surely itd be worth to take a bit of time to sort out this 'blip' first so you can actually enjoy socialising and dating?.. you have your priorities messed up, maybe..?sorry if i sound harsh, but, just try to look in the right places for answers for the long term of your life not just the short term things you miss or youll never get better, forcing yourself into situations that wouldnt even be 'situations' if you got the right help.. youre really flailing around in confusion cause you feel you have to deal with it alone, and that in itself is making things worse, do try calm down :-) spend time watching trash tv with friends or indulge in a hobbie for a little while instead of trying to do triggering things like partying and forming relationships until you feel better. start with just a week and see what happens-?

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