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If you bleed during intercourse can that mean your pregnant

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A:Sometimes a small amount of spotting or vaginal bleeding is one of the first symptoms of pregnancy. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-you-bleed-during-intercourse-can-that-mean-your-pregnant ]
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What does it mean if your pregnant and having intercourse and you...?
Bleeding during pregnancy does set off alarm. But light bleeding is common during pregnancy, especially within the first trimester

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Can a girl be pregnant if...?
Q: Okay so heres my story..So my girlfriend and I had protected intercourse about 5 weeks back. She's been having headaches 4 weeks ago, almost EVERY day till this day. But now, she's had her period[or so I think] and she's getting cramps and nauseas. It might not be her period since some pregnant women are known to bleed while pregnant, during the first trimester. But her period has been on time, around the date she usually gets her period. Even though that has happened, it doesn't explain the headaches..She has taken a pregnancy test 2 days before she started her "period" and the reading was one line - meaning NOT prenant] but that could be false..Well now i'm preparing for the worst, as a jobless 16 year old, saving up his lunch money everyday,borrowing cash from friends and doing everything possible before she hits 12 weeks..HELP PLEASEThank you everyone for your time.Thank you everyone for the support. And for the rest of you, people have different opinions on abortions and I respect that, but I do not wish to argue about that here or at all. Thanks again everyone!
A: You are right that she could still be pregnant. Something to think about though is that stress can also bring on headaches. If you can talk her into going to the Family clinic or to her doctor she could just need a check up. She could have an infection.
Am I pregnant? Or am I just worrying....?
Q: Okay, well about two weeks ago I lost my virginity to my boy friend. No, I am not on any form of birth control, however, we did use a condom. From what I am told though, you can't tell if a condom has broken during intercourse. My period was expected to come yesterday, however it has not came yet. Sometimes though it comes a day late and it still hasn't come, and I've been reading about pregnancy, and the early signs of pregnancy, and I've been getting many different things, and I have now become worried. After I lost my virginity it was a little bleeding. A week later however, me and him were together and we didn't have sex, but he did finger me, and after wards there was a lot of bleeding. I'm not sure if the bleeding has anything to do with whether or not I'm pregnant, just in case though I wanted to add that in there to better help you answer my question. I know that stress can also delay my period therefore, I am really trying not to worry about it, but I mean it's kind of a hard thing to not think about. So could you please give me your comments and answers. Am I just worrying? Does all the bleeding after the 2nd incident have anything to do with my missing period? Does me losing my virginity have anything to do with it? Help please!?
A: The first thing you do before sex is don't trust a condom. Condoms are only 85% effective, adding birth control raises that percentage to 93%. I do not believe you are pregnant. Bleeding would not occur if you were (pregnancy occurs in the Uterus, not in the vagina). The bleeding is most likely caused by the loss of your virginity. When you were have sex, skin around the wall of the vagina tears and can often cause bleeding. I wouldn't worry about it, it is normal to have minor bleeding after your first time. But if you become concerned, see a doctor.SUMMARYYOU ARE NOT PREGNANT :]
Possible pregnancy and other questions?
Q: I have a question well actually a couple of questions if you don't mind. First here is what is going on. I went yesterday to get my yearly checkup done and plus I've been having some problems. My last real period was on Nov.26th but on Dec. 22nd I had spotting until Dec. 24th which is very unusual for me. My periods are very regular and last for 6 days and they are definately not spotting. Then a week before that I had intercourse and I started bleeding but it only lasted maybe a couple of hours. So this is the stuff that is going on that is not normal for me. Along with my breasts or nipples have been extremely sensitive but not constantly they were so bad last weekend I had to put compresses on them which is not normal and they are kinda puffy (the aeoles sp) and there are these little white bumps that look like pimples on them also. I feel kinda sick off and on during the day and have been extremely hungry. Ok so thats whats strange this month. Anyway I went and had my checkup yesterday and when they seen my urine they said that there was a little blood in it and protein so they told me to just drink plenty of water to get the gunk out. What are they talking about there? Then during the exam the doctor said that from the looks of my uterus I'm not going to start bleeding and everything looks good. They did do a pregnancy test and it was negative but she said that it just may be too early to tell. And that includes being able to see or feel anything also during my exam. That if I don't get a period in Jan. to test again at the end of the month or come back and they will test. But this is what gets me she told me to start my prenantals and gave me a lists of meds. you can take while you are pregnant. And while she is telling me this she is just smiling she said that the spotting could have just been implantation bleeding. Then she found a small lump on my breast but she said that it shouldn't be anything to worry about but she wants me to come back next week to check it out again. I don't have any history of breast cancer in my family. So that is everything so my questions are does the protein in my urine mean that I possibly have an UTI and if so why didn't they give me an antibiotic wouldn't they do that? Then what does it mean when you have a little blood in your urine thats the first time I have ever had that happen. And do you thinkDo you think that I am possibly pregnant?
A: I would say that you are pregnant all your symptoms are saying that to me. Regarding the lumps in your breast I'd say its a cyst but keep a check on it just to be sure. Good luck

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