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How do u know when you have a miscarriage

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A:Common signs of a miscarriage are vaginal bleeding, low back or abdominal pain, dull or sharp cramping or clot-like material. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-u-know-when-you-have-a-miscarriage ]
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How do u know when you have a miscarriage
Common signs of a miscarriage are vaginal bleeding, low back or abdominal pain, dull or sharp cramping or clot-like material.
How do u know if you've had a miscarriage?
Symptoms of a miscarriage include: Vaginal bleeding that may be light or heavy, constant or irregular. Although bleeding is often the first sign of a miscarriage, first-trimester bleeding may also occur with a normal pregnancy. Bleeding wit...
Is it possible 2 have a miscarriage... even if u didnt know u wer...?
Yes it is possible. But more likely you got your period early. Clots are also normal for periods.

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irregular periods and pregnancy.?
Q: I sometimes go 2 or 3 months withut having a period. its been this way for years! about 5-6 years ago i had a miscarriage. had no idea i was pregnant. when u never know when u will have ur period how do you know when to try to concieve? im going to a doctor soon but want to get an idea now... does having a previous miscarriage generally affect future pregnancies?
A: No, a previous miscarriage if early on will not affect future pregnancies. The only way it could possibly have affected future pregnancies if if you had a D & C that caused trauma up there but even that is extremely rare. I have irregular periods as well and have gone as far as 4 months w/o a period and gotten pregnant so it can and does happen! Its just quite a bit harder to track and pinpoint ovulation. Good luck to you!
how do you know when u have a miscarriage and y does it happen?
A: There is no mistaking a miscarriage. You will start bleeding heavily and eventually pass clots, tissue, etc. Also, a lot of cramping. If you have one, you need to see a doctor because they usually want to do a DNC to make sure there is no left over tissue. Unfortunately, miscarriages happen for a number of reasons. When I had mine with my first pregnancy, our doctor told us that something like 80% of first time pregnancies end in miscarriage. He said that most of the time they happen early enough that the woman didn't even realize she's pregnant and just thinks she's having her period.If you have recently gone thru this or something is going on with you now, just remember to stay strong.Good luck to you.
How to cope after miscarriage?
Q: I recently had a miscarriage and I feel like I can be all smiles in public to try to "convince" people I'm OK but I feel like I'm on the verge of tears all the time. I am angry, sad, and heartbroken all at the same time. I don't know how to go back to the person I was before this all happened. I don't know what to do with myself. My friend is pregnant and I find myself resenting her when she talks about her baby moving. I do not want to be that type of person. So for any of u who have had a similar experience can you tell me what you did to cope after a miscarriage? Also, when were u ready to start trying again?Ok to the person who said "do not commit suicide" thanks for your concern, but that is not going to happen. Besides a husband and other family who loves me I have a 2 year old son who depends on me. So that is not an option. But I can say that after all this happened, I'm no longer afraid to die b/c I believe I have a beautiful little girl waiting for me on the other side. But I will meet her when God takes me not when I decide it is time to go.
A: My heart goes out to you at this devistating time. I lost a son in Sept. 2000, though it was my 4th pregnancy it was an aweful experience. I know for my that I had a hard time being a wife and a mother after this happened. People around me didn't want to talk about it or share my feelings. I found that talking with someone who has been through the same loss helped a little. I went and seen a grief counsler and went to several websites for woman who have suffered a loss of a child and on one particular site I was able to light a candle for my son. Just know that what ever way you grieve there is no wrong way. My sister was pregnant and had a baby shortly after I lost my son, I couldn't look at her daughter for the longest time out of the sheer empty arm syndrome. My husband and I got pregnant 2 months later and have a beautiful 5 year old. My biggest healing helper was because we had already bought some stuff for my son we bought a beautiful wooden box from Hobby lobby and attached hinges to hit and painted it and then stencled his name and dates I carried him. Inside the box we put all the things that we had gotten for him, the journal I kept while pregant, ultrasound photos and any momentos I had received after his loss. On days when I was having a particularly hard time just looking at the box made me feel better. For a long time that box had to sit out on our dresser and know one could touch it. A couple of years after I slowly but surely was able to move it closer and closer to the closet till one day it just felt right to put it away. I will never forget him but I have found a little peace with what happened. I still have those days when I find myself thinking about him and what would of been but knowing how sick he would have been and knowing that he sent me two beautiful daughters to help ease the pain that his loss caused. I was told to wait three years before trying again because of what was wrong with my son and my pregnancy but I put my faith in God and we got pregnant 2 months later. You will know in your heart when you are ready. One other thing we did as a memorial is we planted and dwarf apple tree for him that way there was something to see all year. The spring brings the blossoms , the summer and fall bring the harvest and we decorated it in winter to await the spring bloom. My heart is with you may you find some peace with your loss and know there are lots of people out there that know what you are going through. There are lots of online groups for this very loss. Good luck and may your heart ache lessen as time goes by.Bethmum to an angel

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