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How do I stop sniffling

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Blow your nose, use an OTC decongestant, breathe in water steam. If a runny nose persists for more than a month, see a doctor, it could be a sinus infection. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-i-stop-sniffling ]
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・ 1 Take your herbs immediately. Echinacea can help you fight a cold. To get the full effect, take 3/4... ・ 2 Drink your tea. A hot cup of tea can relieve your cold symptoms by moisturizing the mucous membranes... ・ 3 Take probiotics. Probi...
Take a hot bath/showed or use a humidifier. Sometimes, however, there's nothing to be done; winter tends to make noses drip.
Blow your nose, use an OTC decongestant, breathe in water steam. If a runny nose persists for more than a month, see a doctor, it could be a sinus infection. ChaCha!

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how do I tell a coworker to stop sniffling and blow his nose - somewhere else?
Q: my coworker in a small open office has allergies and refuses to take any medication. He will alternate days of honking his nose like a goose and now it has been three full days of constant sniffles, and I do mean constant. I cannot move, do not have headphones (not allowed) and low volume music in the background - I am frustrated beyond belief and do not know how to approach him without seeming like a total bitch. He has a box of tissues right next to his elbow, please advise before I go totally insane.no where to move to. don't think the boss will do much - likes to keep the peace and the sniffler will know exactly who ran to the boss. I have been with all of these people for 10 years so I should be able to say something to the sniffler, guess I'll get up some nerve and give it a shot.Mr. I don't take medicine just took a pill. WHEW! Thank you all for the responses. I will keep them in mind for all the next times - which I am sure will follow....
A: just leave him alone! don't bother with telling someone about THEIR allergies.
How do I stop the sniffles?
Q: I have a cold but also I'm cooking today in school, i need to stop the sniffles!!!!!
A: Not really much you can do really, colds pretty much run their course and then go on their own.
Any doctors or medical students?? I've had a cold for over 2 months and is this typical of a sinus infection?
Q: Hello, I've had sinus infection/cold-like symptoms for about two months, and I am not getting better. For the first two or so weeks, I assumed I had a cold, and then got better, and got another cold. My mom thinks it's my allergies, but I have never had allergy symptoms like this in my life other than hay fever in the spring. This is like a super-cold, I feel so lethargic and my nose keeps running and I just feel rotten. I am allergic to cats and dust (I have 3 cats) but I take 2 antihistamines daily and it has never been much of an issue unless i sleep with them in my face or something then it might irritate my breathing because I have asthma, but why would it just start giving me horrible symptoms at random NOW? It goes away for about 3-6 days, and then at random I will be sniffling and sneezing and totally miserable within like 30 minutes I'll go from being completely fine to full-blown cold. Then it lasts for about 4-5 days and I'm fine again. This cycle has been repeated about 5 times. I went to the doctor and he prescribed me antibiotics (Sulfamethoxazole) for a sinus infection, which is what he said it sounds like I have. I haven't been sleeping well at all, my nose is so irritated and I can't stop sniffling all night my nose stays completely plugged. So of course every morning I wake up with a horribly raw throat from breating through my mouth while I'm asleep. To top it off, I got my two upper wisdom teeth pulled this morning. I canceled my original appointment for one week ago because my symptoms had come back in full the night before my appointment, and the same thing happened last night before my wisdom teeth appointment this morning, but I went. The oral surgeon made me use Afrin in my nose before we started so I'd be able to breathe through my nose better, but I feel way worse than before I had my teeth removed. It could be a coincidence and my symptoms are just escalating like they always do, but hat nose spray irritated my nose very badly. My eyes are red and I feel so icky. What is this?! Is it a really bad sinus infection, a remarkably long series of colds, or WHAT! How do I get better?? I'm so stressed because I feel so awful while my symptoms attack, and I can't get any rest because it's so hard to fall asleep and stay asleep. I'm prescribed percocet for my teeth (or lack there of)--will those help my sleep at all? But seriously, what is with this never-ending cold??! I've been taking vitamin C and a multivitamin and drinking a lot of liquids (water and cranberry juice) as well as Mucinex to try and clear out my sinuses and lungs. What else can I do????
A: This actually sounds like something serious. The first thing that comes to mind is Epstein Barr virus, the same virus that causes "mono." This should go away on its own but you need to have some routine blood work done to rule out other more serious things, like certain types of blood disorders such as leukemia or aplastic anemia. Tell your doctor that you want a CBC with a differential performed and you want your blood tested for "heterophil antibodies." In addition tell him you want a monospot test. If your doctor continues to act like a jacka$s and dismisses you, tell him you want a referral to an infectious disease specialist.

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