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Do female rabbits have periods

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A:Rabbits do not menstruate. Vaginal bleeding in rabbits is often a sign of uterine cancer and should be checked by a vet. ChaCha on [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-female-rabbits-have-periods ]
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Do female rabbits have peroids?
Not in the sense you are thinking. Rabbits go through what is called estrus. In rabbits this is generally said to be either continuall, or induced. Meaning they have the capability to ovulate (release an egg) at nearly anytime. They will on...
Can female rabbits have there period?
Rabbits are induced ovulators and do not have menstruation cycles like some do. Also, if there were blood in the urine, it would be very hard to see. I think what you're seeing is normal. A change in diet can cause dark orange or reddish ur...
How many times a female rabbit can be pregnant in a period of 3 y...?
Rabbits can become pregnant on the day they give birth. So she could be pregnant as many as 10 times a year. This is not at all recommended.

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Do female rabbits have a period?
Q: My Rabbit is 3 years old and somebody told me that they get periods but she doesn't have one. Did that person lie to me or is something wrong with my rabbit???
A: Rabbits DO NOT get a period.Rabbits go into a "heat." you most likely wont know it, the only sign is if you press on her back she lifts her butt up and "presents." At this time she is ovulating and can be fertilized.The person who told you this was pulling your chain, lieing, or just strait up dumb.No not every female mammal in the world get a period. Only humans. Horses do not, dogs do not, cats do not. They have different cycles and even though dogs bleed it is not a period like us human females get.
how do you know when your bunny is ready to breed?
Q: i have a rabbit and she's a girl. she has nipples but i do not know when to get her a male. she doesnt really show any signs. do female rabbits get periods?
A: Depending on what class your rabbit is in (4 class, 6 class) is the age she is ready to be bred. 4 Class rabbits(the smaller) are ready to breed around 6 months old and the 6 Class (larger 10+lbs) are able to breed around 8 months. Rabbit's don't have periods or heat cycles. They don't ovulate until bred.
Do rabbits have periods?
Q: We have two, 11 month-year old, UNspayed, female rabbits. This week they have been trying to mate a little more than often. Also, their pee is little more orange than usual. What color is rabbit blood? Could they be on their period?
A: Rabbits don't go into heat. They are induced ovulators, they release egg in response to mating. So when an intact female mates, she gets pregnant.Your 2 rabbits are probably establishing dominance. Rabbit will hump for this reason regardless of sex or the desire to mate. So long as they aren't being aggressive, then it is ok to allow it to continue. Make sure both of them don't have any wounds or injuries because of the humping. Rabbit urine can range in color from light yellow to deep orange. Your rabbit probably need to drink more water. You can add a small amount of flavor to the water to encourage drinking.

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