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Can you still leak a little blood if pregnant

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A:Vaginal bleeding can occur frequently in 1st trimester of pregnancy and may not be a sign of problems.Please consult your doctor. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-still-leak-a-little-blood-if-pregnant ]
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Can you still leak a little blood if pregnant
Vaginal bleeding can occur frequently in 1st trimester of pregnancy and may not be a sign of problems.Please consult your doctor.

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Need Serious answers Ladies who have been pregs have u had this happen to u I need help on detectin a pregncy!?
Q: I started my birth control pack for the first time, my 1st day of my period on Feb 6th I believe. And the white pills ended on March 1st or 2nd, and I restarted a new pack on the 5th.On the 5th I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and he finished inside. The next morning I had forgot to take my birth control and found out it had got tossed by mistake on sunday and I have not taken any since then. On the 16th of this month, I all of a sudden woke up with severe nausea and had the biggest headache, I could barely do anything it was super bad all day . So I had to go home and sleep in.*this is probably irrelevant but me and my boyfriend also had unprotected sex on the 16th where he had finished inside too.... :( yikes i know. i know it was bad but please by pass mean comments on this. and answer more my question)back to the point...I felt better on the 17th during the day then during the evening all I decided to take my temp. and it turned out to be 99.0 then went up to 99.5 within a few minutes and since the 1st time i checked it it has stayed about 99.9 until around 2am now its gone down to 99.3.Also of a sudden around 11pm-12am of that night i started to have the WORSE cramps about 2 inches below my belly button, like my lower stomach. It goes away then comes back and hits really hard again subsides then goes away then comes back! could i be pregnant?Update:March 18thLast evening ....I had a "leakage" of a brown discharge which was on and off I placed a panty liner on after i noticed it. Sometimes its leaking a little then all of a sudden goes away. I have no cramps at all just some slight discomfort like some nausea....And I dont know if i just wanted snickers. but all of a sudden I had a big urge to jus snack on junk food. :) Update: March 19th Today I woke up used the restroom in the morning and still have had some drips of brown discharge, and since it was morning, i had some chunks.I placed a panty liner but its not soaked and barely has anything on it (so its still on and off).I have slight nausea, but its very little like i can barely feel it, and continue to snack.my boobs are starting to get pretty sensative...I took a pregnancy test but it turned out neg. DID I TAKE IT TOO EARLY??Update: March 20thAt about 2 in the morning I could not for the love of me go to sleep! I was so cranky how everyone went to sleep once they hit their spots, (at a group of friends trip) andwhenever I was laying down I could not sleep. I felt nauseated, I could bare it. It was just very uncomfrontable,and sometimes throw up would creep into the back of my throat,i just felt sick, not any urge to vomit.But finally i had got some rest, then in the morning something had woken me up (an alarm clock someone forgot to UNPLUG) and the same nausea came straight back the stupid uncomfort!And finally after (what i said above, i failed to eat as much as i USUALLY do because of that random sickness) my appetite came back and bad, ate everything on my plate at the diner.Also the brown leaks stopped and i had JUST gotten back to the restroom and peed after i peed i wipped and there was like little/medium blood spots with CLEAR mucusthen i peed a little more and wiped and no blood nothingand i placed a pad and nothing is leaking......uh...what is going on?! Have you ladies ever heard/experienced this???Do you think Im pregnant?
A: I'm sorry most of this is irrelevant. Just take another pregnancy test how is anyone on the internet supposed to know what is going on inside your body? You might be pregnant, you might not.
What might have caused me to go into preterm labor?
Q: Well Im going to tell you my tragic experience to see if you can help me find any answers.On February 24, 2009 I had a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks, baby died at 6 weeks. I used a monthly inyection(contraceptive) TOPASEL, for 2 months prior to this. On May I started TTC again, but conceived within 3 months. On September I thought I had my period since I was spotting so I never thought I was pregnant until the spotting only lasted for a day so I took an HPT a week later showing the BFP!! I was soo excited and knew I was finally going to have my baby. This was a stressful pregnancy since I had bleeding episodes since the first day I found out I was pregnant!! I had bleeding on weeks 4,9,15,16,19,20-23rd week until I lost my beautiful baby boy at 23 weeks on January 22nd , 2010. Everytime I would go to the doctor he would just tell me to rest and take it easy since my placenta was a little low and that was causing the bleeding. At 22w5d I started having cramps that lasted a minute or more and then stopped ( i thought it was round ligament pain) I didnt sleep for 2 days straight,,At 23 weeks I rushed to the hospital and the doctor made me stay so they could monitor me and put me on pills since I was having unbearable contractions..the pills only worked for an hour and BAM contractions got worse=( The next day at 23w1d I felt more and more pressure in my pubic area and each time I felt the pressure I would leak blood with fluid(TMI) until the last horrible contraction at 10 am my water broke=( I was rushed to the L&D and delivered my baby at 11 am. He was born still even though he had a strong heart beat when my water broke=(..I was wondering can a low lying placenta cause this things? My doctor told me I did have infection and the cause was PPROM, but I was wondering if a low placenta can cause preterm labor or pprom? Can it happen again? Im really worried about going trhoug this again. Thanks everyone♥ Samantha(19) DH (20) *Blighted ovum at 12 weeks *My angel Noah Alix grew wings on 1/22/2010 @t 23 weeks due to PPROM. HOPING FOR A ♥RAINBOW BABY♥
A: From what i have heard..having an infection can cause pre-term labour if not treated in time. Also, a low lying placenta plus an infection i have heard can do that. A low lying placenta on its own, i have not heard of causing such things. Usually pre-term labour can be stopped, but it sounded like you were having lots of spotting through pregnancy and it sounds like the medication didnt work and so could not stop it from happening.I am so sorry for your losses. I can not imagine how any one could go through it and live. However, you are an inspiration to all mothers out there who go through the same thing, for it tells them that when things go bad and we fall down, we can pick ourselves up again and try try again and hope for the best outcome possible..
Weirdest thing I have seen..?
Q: OK, one of my cats who I thought was pregnant started to have contractions yesterday.She had hid in some bushes in our garden and she refused to get out until I went and took her out. Initially, I thought that she was hurt in her leg as I could see some blood on it, plus she was motionless and looked drowsy. Anyways, I took her in and gave her water and food and let her curl up on my bed (note: up until then I had little suspicion that she would ever give birth any time soon as it was too early, her belly was BARELY showing). I went out of the room and when I got back, about an hour or so later, I saw my blanket was soaked in a couple of spots with some yellowish (like urine) liquid, right under where she was lying. I went closer to examine and I realised she had contractions so I put it all down to her waters breaking and I knew she would be having a baby soon so I stayed by her side and watched carefully, petting her and reassuring her all the way, as she looked in pain.The thing is though, that she was pushing for a good hour and was leaking fluid and all I could see was a sharp fleshy thing that I took it to be maybe the baby's leg. It seemed pretty stuck. To cut a long story short, after much waiting (it was now 3 A.M.) and no sign of delivery, I let her out into the fresh air and she ate some food again. At some point, on the patio floor, I saw (and sorry for the TMI) the weirdest thing ever to come out of a cat who is supposed to be giving birth. And I could not quite know what to make of it. It was a piece of flesh that looked pretty much like the skin of a boiled chicken (again, sorry for the grossness of it all but I need to describe it as best I can! I know it is disgusting..), however, it did not have blood on it and was quite dry. It was about the size of an adult woman's thumb and it was a folded piece of flesh. I was curious enough to open it (I know, I am weird!!) and as I said, there was no blood, save perhaps for a tiny little vein in the centre. I figured that it would be the sac of the baby but there was definitely no baby in there (that is why I opened the flesh in the first place, to check if there was an aborted baby in there).Anyways, after that she wanted to curl up and sleep so I let her and went to sleep. When I got up and went outside, I saw a couple droplets of fresh blood on the patio. I am sure they were from her. She eats and drinks normally but she is still looking a bit frightened and shocked. What do you think happened? Did she have a miscarriage? I have never heard of miscarriages in cats, though there must be, of course. But what about the fact that there was no baby inside? I am 100 % sure that this flesh came from inside her and that she had contractions. I am also pretty sure that she was pregnant as she had mated more than a month ago and her belly appeared to be getting fuller and fuller. Does such a thing exist in cats that there is a sac but no baby?Thank you for your patience and time in reading this long question! (My apologies for the length too!)I will not tolerate any rude or derogatory answers and will report any coming my way. This question is NOT a troll question but a real one. If you think it is a fake one, then it is not me who has the problem and please do me a favor and do not answer it. Thank you. (That went out to Mitch G, Mister Know-It-All.)
A: You really should take the cat to the vets - if it is a miscarriage the cat needs checking out just like a human would.

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