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Can you drink alcohol while taking pain killers

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It depends on the painkillers. Some prescription painkillers are not safe to take while drinking, while some OTC meds are okay. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-drink-alcohol-while-taking-pain-killers ]
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Can you drink alcohol while taking pain killers
It depends on the painkillers. Some prescription painkillers are not safe to take while drinking, while some OTC meds are okay.
Can you drink alcohol and take pain killers/ pro-plus whilst on t...?
Yes alcohol is fine to drink while on the pill! So is taking any pain killers (off the shelf pain killers). It's antibiotics that effect the pill so whenever you get a prescription from your doctor (for anything) make sure you can take it a...
What happens to your liver if you drink alcohol and take pain kil...?
your liver starts to deteriorate and soon you want have a liver and die.

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Why can't you drink alcohol while taking medication?
Q: I really want a glass of red wine, but I am taking these pain killers right now. I would call the doctor but it is too late.
A: Most medications pass through your body once and are filtered out of your blood by your liver.Alcohol is also removed by your liver.Alcohol is such a dangerous poison that your liver works on removing it and allowing the other meds to keep circulating in your body.
Prescription Drug Instructions - Question?
Q: Several of my prescription drugs, such as pain killers, have yellow instruction stickers on the bottles that say "do not take with alcohol" or "do not consume alcohol beverages when taking this medication".I don't know whether they are saying, don't use alcohol to swallow your pills with or do not drink any alcohol while you are taking the whole coarse of the mediation!I know i'm probably thinking too hard on this and making it harder than what it really is, but i need to know for sure.So does this mean if i take a Motrin 800mg for a bad headache one day, does that mean i can't have a beer or two a little later when I'm feeling ok?If i am taking a 10 day course of anti-biotics that i cannot have any beer or cocktails on lets say the 3rd day? These little stickers have me worried and i have gone years without understanding them properly i think. I have always assumed that they meant do not drink alcohol to swallow the pills with! Please break it down for me.
A: It means dont drink at ALL the whole time you are on the medication. So if you are on a 10 day course of antibiotics NO you should not drink on the 3rd day, 4th day 9th day or 10th day...most likely not even on the 11th day since you would still have the meds in your system. Good rule of thumb: if you have any meds in your body, dont add alcohol. Everyones body reacts differently to different meds and different combinations of meds and adding alcohol can be deadly in many cases. Sometimes people LIKE the effect mixing pills and beer gives them, but of course thats never recommended! Youll never find a scrip bottle that reads, "Pop two pills and down a 6 pack, call me in the afternoon." Unless of course your doc is a dealer.
How to Stop & Deal with Cutting?
Q: Please, if you are going to be a judgmental jerk about this don't even read this.I've been dealing with some serious depression for almost four years now starting in 8th grade. I was so scared when I started to feel so depressed all the time. I would often overdose on common pain killers but they never did much. I also started cutting but at first it wasn't bad cuts at all, they were minor scratches to say the most. After about a year I went to my mom and the next day she took me to the hospital to get a 'suicide assesment' and the recommended me going to a psych ward but I refused. I stopped all of those things for quite a while and my mom started to bring me to a psychologist and a psychiatrist. I've been seeing the same two people for a couple years now. I'm on anti-depressants that for 1 1/2 years have been working quite well for me. I've had a few times where I've been pretty depressed for a week at a time but nothing compared to how i used to be. Anyways, this last summer I started drinking a lot more and when i would drink i would get even more depressed since alcohol is a depressant and all. I cut myself very, very badly to the point where there will always no matter what be huge scars all over my left arm. One time when i drank i overdosed on prescription pills pretty badly and i had to go to the ER and i was given a paralyzer and something else that completely knocked me out for about two days. They had to pump my stomach and put charcoal into my stomach through a tube in my mouth and i was on a respirator and all of this gross crap. I was in the actual hospital for about a week then i was put into a psych ward for another week and a half then i was discharged and went into outpatient for another week. I had been doing very well since then but lately something in my brain is making me want to cut sooo badly and I've been listening... I've also been thinking a lot about overdosing again but i just can't put myself to that and see my mom have to go through what she did again. Anyways, i really badly want to stop cutting but it's become this huge habit. To me... it more addictive than cigarettes and i've been smoking for a couple years. It's just insane how i feel like i have no control over hurting myself or not. I feel like I HAVE to do it or else... i don't even know... i'm going to explode or something. The reason I really want to stop is because I've had the same boyfriend for a pretty long time now and every time i do it he says that it brings him flashbacks of his ex who he was with for a few years and she did some pretty messed up stuff to him... anyways, I feel bad and jealous at the same time and I'M the problem for it. I need help so bad! I don't know HOW to stop! I've talked to my psychologist about it and she's recommended all those little stupid trick things that don't work for me at all. like putting an ice cube to your wrist till it feels like it's burning but you're not actually doing and permanent damage. I've tried all of that kind of shit but it never has worked. Does ANYONE have ANY suggestions at all? Any bit of advice could really help out. I know this was pretty long so anyone who actually read all of this, thank you so much. help!? :/
A: Honey you have some serious things going on.TRUST me I have been there .Don't cut your self!! Take something outside and smash it.Beat the crap out of a pillow and then if you feel like crying call a friend.Or a hot line like the boys and girls town.You sound very young.,and you can stop but only you have the power to stop.Think about the future,,Imagine your 2 year old daughter asking Mommy where did you get those boo-boo's? I have faced that scenario.Take care of your body.It sounds like you may just need to learn new ways to deal with things,Sometimes life isnt fair but you must learn to beat the odds.You can send me an email and Ill give you my number.I have been there sweetie.Dont be ashamed because asking for help is always the first step.

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