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Can vitamin C help fight off a cold

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No, when taken after a cold starts, vitamin C supplements do not make a cold shorter or less severe. Try an OTC cold medicine. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-vitamin-c-help-fight-off-a-cold ]
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Can vitamin C help fight off a cold
No, when taken after a cold starts, vitamin C supplements do not make a cold shorter or less severe. Try an OTC cold medicine.
Does Vitamin C REALLY help fight off colds?
Try taking a zinc tablet or cold-eeze and that will help the tickle. Vitamin C does help, so keep taking it!
Does lemon-lime soda count as Vitamin C to help fight off a cold??
lol. no. Try lime flavored AIRBORNE instead. it taste like a sprite and boosts up your immune system!

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A good remedy to clear a cold out FAST?
Q: I recently just got hit by this cold bug that I know my body is familiar with, at the most inconvenient time ever.How my body usually handles a cold is I have a mild sore throat for about a day or 2 and then the runny/stuffy nose and headache/fever kick right immediately after that. Depending on the strength of the cold I can get better after an average of about 3 days.Today, Wednesday, I woke up with a sore throat, and the stuffy/runny nose and headaches are kicking in now (it's the evening.)I have a VERY busy weekend ahead of me, including an important presentation at school on Friday, and prom after that. I really want to get better by then, because I don't want to miss out on either.So far, I have been drinking fluids, resting, and trying to increase my intake of vitamin C to fight off this cold, but I am asking if anyone else has any quick remedies to a cold? I would appreciate any helpThank you!
A: 1. Get as much sleep as you can.2. Eliminate all liquids except for distilled water.3. Eat raw garlic-chew two cloves-yes it burns but it works.4.raw parsley5.eliminate all dairy products6.absolutely no junkfoods or sweets7. sweat it out-do a high impact aerobic workout for 20 minutes-then take an epsom salt bath and sleep.I hope you feel better.
Have a really bad cold, is there anything else I could be doing to help fight it off?
Q: So it started on Sunday and has progressively gotten worse. Yesterday I had runny eyes, achy muscles, really congested (both in my nose and chest) & just had absolutely no energy. Today I feel a tad bit better but I am coughing non-stop. I have been taking multi-vitamins, vitamin C, drinking lots of tea and orange juice, have been trying to get rest when I am not at work, and have also been eating lots of Chicken Noodle soup and taking medicine (day-quill tablets during the day & Theraflu at night) as well as cough drops (Cold-Eeze). Can anyone else think of anything that might be helpful? I mean this really sucks right now but I am trying to do what I can but the cough I have is esp bad & I was wondering if anyone knew of anyway to help me stop coughing as much. I have pretty much been coughing non-stop for the past hour (if not longer)..Any help or advice would be appreciated...(though I think I might be doing all that I can and Im just basically screwed until it goes away on its own
A: Drink Buckley's (idk if i spelled that ryt). Buckley's is the best it tastes horrible but it works wonders. TRUST ME I TAKE IT ALL THE TIME WHEN I'M SICK AND I FEEL BETTER QUICKLY. But don't rush ur body. ur body could be tellin u it needs rest.
Can you help me not get sick?
Q: My fiance (whom I live with) has had a cold for about five days. For about three days my throat has been hurting a little on and off. In addition to the sore throat, I've been getting sinus-related headaches and some minor sniffles. My symptoms haven't progressed (no body aches, no general sick feeling), which leads me to believe that I just have a case of bad allergies. The problem is that I have never had a sore throat from allergies. I only get sore throats when I'm sick. In fact, sore throats are my most reliable warning sign of impending illness.I suppose this could be the first time, but I've been living with bad allergies for nearly sixteen years and no sore throats yet. Is it possible that my body has been fighting off a cold for three days? If so, is there anything I can do to prevent it from taking over? I'm in a wedding on Friday, so I need to be healthy! I've been taking vitamin-C and Zicam (not sure if it's hocuspocus or what). Please help me. Thank you!By the way, when I get sick, I am out of commission for over a week - usually two weeks. I'm not the kind of person who can go to work when I get a cold. Also, my colds come on very quickly. If I wake up with a sore throat, I will be fully sick by the end of the day. So, my symptoms completely break with all my experience and I'm not sure what to think.
A: sounds like you have a weaker immune system. I encourage you to try building it up with vitamins, washing hands regularly(even after a sneeze). If you find you're still getting sick toal to your doctor about it.Odd as this may sound, garlic is a natural germ fighter.Good luck!

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