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Can stress cause vaginal bleeding

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A:Yes, stress can trigger vaginal bleeding. You still need to talk to your doctor incase there is another underlying cause. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-stress-cause-vaginal-bleeding ]
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Can stress or anxiety cause vaginal bleeding during pregnancy??
Last year when I was pregnant, my husband and I had a huge fight. Like brink of divorce huge. I spotted for a couple hours after wards. My son is now 8 months old. Definitely get checked out, but don't freak out, your baby is probably fine.
Did you have surgery to treat stress urinary incontinence? Are yo...?
Our vaginal tape injury lawyers are investigating serious injury, including erosions and infections, caused by the implantation of vaginal surgical mesh for the treatment of urinary incontinence. Our surgical mesh injury lawyers are reviewi...
Can a woman bleed in her vagina due to stress, in between menstra...?
Sometimes women can bleed inbetween cycles, the proper term for it is a 'breakthrough bleed'. I'm sure you can research it in your own time if you wish to. Without knowing more about the operation etc, its hard to tell when the exact reason...

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Can stress or anxiety cause vaginal bleeding during pregnancy?
Q: Husbands grandfather just died, I have 2 kids now, pregnant about 8 weeks, lots of stress and problems with anxiety. Started spotting, no tissue or not heavy just spotting. I am seeing a DR in the morning or earlier if I develop pain or heavier bleeding, just curious to know if anyone has ever heard of the stress or anxiety to cause bleeding in pregnancy?!!?!?!?!
A: Last year when I was pregnant, my husband and I had a huge fight. Like brink of divorce huge. I spotted for a couple hours after wards. My son is now 8 months old. Definitely get checked out, but don't freak out, your baby is probably fine.
Can taking a small amount of aspirin daily cause stomach bleeding?
Q: I take a small amount of aspirin (half a tablet at the most) before bed at night. I have dry itchy skin that I notice more at night, and this helps ease the itchiness. However my doctor said that aspirin isn't good for the stomach and maybre I should try Advil instead. though he did say that he has patients with heart problems that are on an aspirin regimin. I've stuck to aspirin because Advil tablets are so hard to break into quarters and it doesn't work as well for me. However I know aspirin can cause stomach bleeding and I'm worried because twice in the past couple of days I've had some vaginal discharge with blood in it. I thought it could be my period because that's due, but usually with my period, I get more regular bleeding. I haven't had any other bleeding except for the 2 times I noticed the bloody discharge. Could this be stomach bleeding? I've felt really tired and groggy lately but thought it was PMS. It's not uncommon for me to skip and still get PMS, esp. during stress.
A: Don't overmedicate yourself.. America is the land of overmedication. You said you have dry, itchy skin, but you haven't mentioned what treatments you're seeking for that. There are wonderful natural methods, if you just research a bit.. try some message boards.. I'd guess that Fish Oil would help a lot, to begin with. Don't treat your symptoms, treat the root cause. Yes, asprin is very bad for your stomach on a consistent basis, for some people. If you must take it once in a while, use coated asprin like Ecotrin. My friend's grandmother got a terrible, non-stop nosebleed from consistent asprin use. But again, I would really recommend seeking alternative treatments (like supplements, changing your soap/detergent, etc.) instead of medication. I have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and have used some supplements like cinnamon, fish oil and gymnema and they have helped me SO much. I wanted to try it before chemical meds, and they really helped dramatically. I got my period (which I didn't before, for months), when even medications didn't help me regularly get them. The internet is a great place to start. Good luck! :o)
Can stress cause human organs to stop working?
Q: My ex-wife is trying to blame me for her problems that she is having with her health. She has told me that because of the stress that I have caused on her is the reason that she is not healthy. She first went into the doctor with shortness of breath and chest pains, and some vaginal bleeding (not her time of the month). She then a couple days later went into the hospital due to chest pains and shortness of breath. It has escalated to now her stomach is digesting food, her liver is not functioning properly, her kidneys are not functioning properly, and she has a hard time going to the bathroom. So she is blaming me for this, she said that the doctors have told her that this is all stress induced. And that I am to blame. If any of you are in the medical filed please share your thoughts on this and please tell me if it is possible for your body to in a way shut down. Oh one thing that I forgot to mention is that she is a diabetic, has had diabetes since she was a teen. Thanks.
A: Stress does alot to the body. When your stress it releases a hormone known as cortisol in your body which does numerous things in your body1) Decreases your immune response. Shuts down B and T cells completely. Increase suceptibility to bacterial and viral infections.2) Incraeses blood glucose levels which leads to diabetes mellitus which leads to a whole swack load of problems including kidney failure, heart failure, neuopathy.3) Increase breakdown of bone thus increasing Calcium levels in the blood leading to renal failure as well as osteoperosis. These are some of the things stress can causes because there is too many to list.Cortisol is both a blessing and curse because cortisol is a steroid drug used to treat many diseases as well. Remember, these are all scientific facts concerning what stress does to the body but what actually causes her stress is extremely multifactorial and there could be CNS (central nervous system) factors as well so don't put the blame on yourself.

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