Why the GOP Dislikes the Occupying Wall Street Crowd

by on March 7th, 2015
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Simply speaking it is because they backed the wrong horse. When the Tea Party emerged the GOP left a vapor trail attempting to co-op them because they were speaking the language that they wanted to hear and it benefitted them in their opposition to this president and his administration. Now comes Occupy Wall Street and the message is distinctly different from that of the Tea Party so they cannot switch horses now that the race has started.

The GOP constantly use the words “the American people” but polls show that the majority supports much of what the Tea Party does not. They stepped out there to grab a hold of the Tea Party reigns and for a while there seemed to be getting their points across. That was before the true owners of the Tea Party revealed themselves and all hell broke loose. Now they favor a smaller government except in the case of standing between a woman’s rights and their doctors or an individual’s choice in religion, not to mention who people can love.

Occupy Wall Street carries with it much more than that and stand in opposition of those beliefs. They are made up of Americans of all colors, sizes, shapes and status. They are looking for that ever elusive level playing field while the majority in the Tea Party feels as though the field is unleveled because it is slanted toward the middle class, poor, unions, women, and veterans. There are those in the Tea Party who wish that they had waited just a little while longer before stepping out and stepping up but what they forget is if it’s okay for politicians to change their minds and their stances, it is okay for them to do the same. I am still waiting on some commentator, reporter or pundit to ask those at the head of these Tea Party groups if the income divide, this deficit war and not one job bill proposed or supported by the GOP was what they wanted when they was given the opportunity to choose our leaders in the House of Representatives. Maybe somebody will grow a spine enough to ask them that question and keep asking until they answer it.

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