Week 7: “Dancing with the Stars” Elimination Brings Sighs from Audience

by on March 11th, 2011
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On this week’s competition, the couples on “Dancing with the Stars” had to perform in costume; most of them danced to some of the scariest songs written. After they completed their individual dances, only nine points separated first and last place. The team dances shook the scoreboard up, with everyone on Team Paso, led by Ricki & Derek taking the top three spots. With scores so close, there’s no telling who will go home in the final stages of the competition — a few more weeks until the semifinals.

The results show opened with a performance by Justin Beiber, singing “Never Say Never.” What was with the outfit and the hair? He looked like he was trying to mix the 50’s with today. I guess he’s trying to get rid of the trademark haircut that made him famous. Justin Beiber returned with Boyz II Men to sing a song from his latest album. I was excited to hear that Boyz II Men had a new album.

Carson Kressley talked to fans about the competition. Actor Jason Biggs (“American Pie”) was in the audience and the judges. I guess they couldn’t get rid of Carson; he’ll be in the audience until the end of the season. Though a lot of the participants don’t have other projects going on at the same time, I don’t see how Carson can be at the show so often. It seems like he has about three or four projects right now. Len wanted to see an encore of Team Paso’s dance.

Rob & Cheryl and Nancy & Tristan were the first couples to stand before the judges. Nancy thought they were out; you could overhear her saying, “We’re toast” in the footage from the previous night. Rob & Cheryl were saved despite his butt getting in the way. Brooke talked to Nancy & Tristan and J.R. & Karina, who ended up at the middle of the pack after the team dance. I really hate her interviews.

The AT&T Spotlight Performance featured Victoria Rose Viren, a young ballet dancer who found out she had a brain tumor at age 14. She had to relearn how to walk and do basic things like brush her teeth. She began dancing again two months after her surgery and performed in “The Nutcracker.” Even if you are cynical about the celebrities picked to be on “Dancing with the Stars,” the spotlight dancer section makes it worth the hour. Derek Hough followed the Spotlight Performance with a dance he created.

J.R. & Karina and Ricki & Derek, the team dance leaders, were up next to learn their fate. Both couple were safe, as should be expected. Hope & Maksim and David & Kym were the final pair to find out if they were safe or in jeopardy. Hope & Maks were saved, but David & Kym were in the bottom two with Nancy & Tristan. It was a surprise when Tom Bergeron announced that David & Kym had ended their journey.

I was surprised that David & Kym went home. I think Nancy expected to go home; she was genuinely surprised when her named wasn’t called. Now that “Dancing with the Stars” is down to the final five couples, the rest of the couples need to up their games to overtake Ricki & Derek and J.R. & Karina.



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