War Within My Soul

by on March 11th, 2011
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Woe, I have traveled the roads of tribulation.
Enduring a tormenting sadness that festers inside of me like a fatal virus.
Storming through my veins and eating at my heart, I’ve lost touch with my soul.
Lost in the chaos of reality,
I ache for an escape to the dreamland of triumph.
Words become my salvation,
For I am kindred with my pen.
The written word, blockade to my destruction.

Though speaking I am not heard,
Through writing, I am amplified.
Let me endure no more,
Or let the light from above carry me beyond the darkness.
The acquiring of wisdom, my dagger.
The endurance of pain, my shield.
Expressions gather as my army,
A pending victory to silence the war within my soul.

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