Toyota Camry – the Best Vehicle I Ever Owned

by on November 2nd, 2010
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My Toyota Camry V-6 sedan is the best vehicle I have ever owned. I’ve owned Toyotas since 1979 and have watched as the manufacturer’s vehicle performance standards have gotten better and better every year. This Camry is a pure delight to operate. The driver’s seat has so many different position capabilities that anyone driving it from 4 feet to 7 feet in height can be seated comfortably.

The internal technology is state of the art and came equipped for blue-tooth, was satellite radio ready, had a multi-disc CD player, GPS capability, six separately installed air bags, and both front seat windows are fully automatic. To date I have driven over 60,000 miles with this vehicle and my mechanic continues to tell me that absolutely everything under the hood is a-okay and the tires still have thousands of miles of life left in them. Other than the routine oil change and check up, there have been no repairs, no replacements, and no problems.

The steering is excellent and the engine is so quiet that when I am in standing still it is almost impossible to know that the engine is engaged. The car also has the dual, automatic hand controlled, transmission feature that I love to use when driving along winding and hilly roads. To my way of thinking, my beautiful vehicle can hug the windiest roads with the best of the sports model vehicles. I love driving a fabulously constructed automobile. When I am behind the wheel I know I am supported by the best performance enhancing technology available and I feel very secure with the vehicle’s response to these controls.

The gasoline mileage is another reason, if not the major reason, that this car is my all time favorite. During the hot weather, with the air conditioner on, in stop and go traffic, this V-6 beauty gets 27 miles per gallon. On the open road she does better than 30 miles per gallon. In the colder weather when I have to run the engine for several minutes whiles the car warms up, I still get 26-27 miles per gallon.

With everything so perfectly interwoven and the exceptional performance that I have experienced; what is there not to love about my Camry? I tend to own a car for an average of twelve years and I am looking forward to another great long association with my current Camry, the best vehicle I ever owned.

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