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by on March 8th, 2015
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Advertising may include television commercials that are broadcast for mass audience exposure during a given date and time, with varying telecast reach and frequency. Super Bowl spots during commercial pods are the most expensive to obtain but provide unparalleled exposure as the sporting event is the most watched television event of the year.

Sales promotions can encompass incentives such as a buy one get one free offers or prizes that fast food restaurants such as McDonalds use to draw in patrons. The happy meal often includes a toy tie-in from an animated movie in the happy meal box to encourage children to ask their parents to take them to the establishment.

Public relations involves sending out a positive image of the company to influence public perception, as well as damage control of negative situations. In the case of the Miss USA beauty pageant, a controversy erupted when one of the contestants, Miss California provided a controversial answer to a judge’s question. The owner of the organization, Donald Trump, called a press conference attended by the contestant, in which he framed her answer in a positive light and encouraged his employees and the public to accept his decision to allow her to keep her crown.

The most common location personal selling is conducted is at a retail store. The job of a sales team is to present the product and service, then facilitate its sale. Apple computer has a large sales force across the world at local Apple Stores that answer customer questions, provide details regarding products, and help complete the transaction.

Direct marketing tools such as DVDs sent via mail to prospective customers is an effective way to communicate product information and entice the viewer to make a purchase. The Bowflex line of personal fitness gym equipment is often advertised during 30 second television spots with instructions on how to obtain a free, no obligation video presentation detailing the features of the device. The cost savings from not purchasing infomercial time and the benefits of targeting a group already expressing interest in the product spurs this time of marketing.

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