Top Christmas Gifts for Teenage Boys

by on March 7th, 2015
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Okay, so with Christmas roughly a month away it is time to get moving on that shopping list and get everyone checked off so you can sit back and relax and enjoy the holiday season. Out of all people you will be shopping for teenage boys are going to be the easiest, by far. All you have to keep in mind is find something that will be useful, loud, make him the envy of his friends, and keep his attention for months after Christmas is finally over. If you are ready to hit the malls or cyberspace then here is a quick list of some of the top gifts available for Christmas 2011.

Top Christmas Gifts for Teenage Boys

Electric Shaving System – So now that your young boy is starting to turn into a man he is going to be growing some whiskers. An electric shaving systems is a great gift for any teenage boy wanting to keep his baby face looks. At Amazon you can get a system for as low as $30 or as much as $250, depending on how much you would like to spend. Les Paul Sunburst Electric Guitar – If your guy is a music lover then the Les Paul Sunburst Electric Guitar will be a wonderful gift that will keep him busy for many long hours (and most likely drive you nuts). This Christmas you can find the ever popular Les Paul Guitar for as low as $169, which gives you a little extra money for things like picks, an amp, and a strap. If you want to make your teen boy really happy this Christmas then give him the gift of music. Call of Duty Xbox 360 Console – Video games are pretty much a no brainer when it comes to teenage boys and the Call of Duty Xbox 360 Console is one hot gift for Christmas. This system is a limited edition and comes with matching wireless controllers and a copy of the ultra popular game Modern Warfare 3. Any teen you get this one for will be jumping for joy when he sees it under the Christmas Tree. This Xbox 360 system will cost you just under $400 if you get it though Amazon. Skull Candy Headphones – If you are looking for some of the most popular ear wear for MP3 players then Skull Candy is it. This company makes a number of over the ear and in the ear headphones that will give more depth to the music you teenager is listening too. With these Skull Candy Headphones your boy will also be the talk among his friends (which is sure to be an ego booster). So don’t miss out on a great Christmas gift this year! Snowboarding Clothing – Your teenage boy doesn’t have to be a snowboarder to wear all the cool winter hats and hoodies that are on the market. For some reason this type of wear is very popular among teen boys. You can find a wide number of accessories to accompany budget that you might be working with. Some of the most popular items you can pick up will be caps, gloves, hoodies, and jackets. Whichever you chose you can guarantee that the lucky recipient will be stoked.

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