Top 10 Reasons Why Women Should Exercise with a Female Personal Fitness Trainer

by on November 5th, 2010
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Personal training and exercising with a personal trainer has been more popular and more affordable in the last 10 years. Private in-home personal training is not limited to Hollywood stars or celebrities any more.

In-home personal trainers can help men and women alike lose fat, tone up muscles, and get in great shape in a private and comfortable setting. It saves the client’s travel time to the gym and one less excuse not to show up on appointment.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a personal trainer. One of the most important considerations often overlooked regarding in-home personal training is gender.

“From my years of experience in fitness training both in commercial gyms and in private training, the client ratio for women vs. men is about 3 to 1, ” said Carey Yang, a certified personal trainer and owner of Beyond Fitness Solutions in Morris County, NJ.

Yang said, some women clients actually like male personal trainers because they’re “perceived” to be tougher than female trainers. On the other hand, some women like female personal trainers because of personal comfort level.

It’s more difficult to find female personal trainers who are willing to drive around in different neighborhoods and provide in-home private training because of travel time involved and personal safety. “I have female personal trainers on my team for in-home fitness training. But it takes me a few months of searching and interviewing to find good match,” Yang said.

There are advantages for women to choose a female personal trainer. Women have different goals and needs to train differently than men. Most women want to trim down and tone up rather than bulking up.

There are many other reasons for choosing a female in-home personal trainer.

Consider the following, if you

* feel self-conscious about exercising with a male personal trainer in the your own home?

* prefer a female personal trainer with an instinct to help and nurture?

* prefer to work with a female personal trainer who identifies with and understands your body cycles?

* understand the benefits of training with someone that empathizes with your busy daily life?

* want a trainer who designs quality routines because your health is as important to them as it is to you?

* need the positive motivation a woman often provides?

* want to be held accountable by someone who identifies with your needs and limitations?

* want to avoid making your husband or boyfriend jealous?

* want a female personal trainer who provides good health advice from an intimate, innate perspective?

* worry that a male trainer may make you nervous and distract you?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then an in-home female personal trainer may be right for you.

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