The Old Man in Heaven

by on March 7th, 2015
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Through this old man’s eyes I can see,
Just how proud he is of my family.

He’s been through a lot, during his life;
Lots of heartache, trouble, and strife.

But also monumental moments he’s seen,
Certainly, a very long road for him it’s been.

Sitting in his chair, his first great grandsons in hand;
He sees his whole life, his prints in the sand.

He sees his childhood, so long ago.
He sees himself as a soldier, fighting our foe.

He sees the alcohol, his addiction so strong.
He sees his illnesses, he has fought for so long.

When he sees his ex wife, he still feels happy;
For, together with their daughter, what a great family.

The most obvious thing this man does see,
Is how happy his daughter now seems to be;

Now that she can share with her dad;
The three children she raised, that make her so glad.

She also has two grandsons, what great little boys.
They laugh as they play, and make lots of noise.

The old man only met one great grandson,
But he still loves them both, each one.

For as he is in heaven, rocking in his chair,
I can sometimes feel my Papa’s proud tearful stare.

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